Where To Skydive In Massachusetts

July 16, 2018




Where To Tandem Skydive In Massachusetts:  


Finding the right location to do your first tandem skydive is exhausting and exiting all at the same time. We believe that in order to pick the right skydiving operation, you will need to take into consideration these three very important details: Safety, Location, Price and Customer Experience!

Skydiving Safety

Reading reviews is something we would HIGHLY recommend before choosing a dropzone. What do customers say about their safety and about the knowledge of the tandem instructor who took them on their skydive. 

Will the operation cancel skydives if weather is not safe to skydive in? Is the operation maintaining their aircraft to FAA standards? Is their equipment well maintained and updated on a regular basis? Have all the instructors gone through training by the USPA? Do their tandem instructors have over 200 tandem skydives before using a Hand Cam to film your skydive? 

Locations that do not offer Groupons and charge a fair price for their skydives have the resources available to spend on aircraft and equipment maintenance. In the industry of skydiving, beware of the companies that use middle men for their sales - cutting corners on prices often times leads to cutting corners on what matters the most - safety!

Location, Location, Location

Picking a location is tough and normally people would choose a skydiving center closest to their home without thinking of looking elsewhere. The majority of our customers drive in from Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York and even New Jersey. 

Skydive Danielson has been voted the Best Skydiving Center in the country for the past 3 years. Many of our customers have told us that they have chosen to drive past other locations closer to them because of our outstanding customer service and reputation for delivering a safe and unforgettable experience.

Boston residents and Massachusetts residents looking to make their first tandem skydive have many choices. Ask yourself what is most important to you? Highest Altitude? 5 star customer service? Price? 

Tandem Skydiving Prices

The price of a tandem skydive is normally the #1 reason why people choose a skydiving center. Customers searching for a good deal often times end up choosing skydiving centers with less than stellar reviews while trying to save a few bucks.

Things to watch out for: companies that sell Groupons often times are selling skydives from an altitude of 10,000 feet. Many of these companies also add an ''equipment rental'' charge of $50-$75 upon arrival. 

Be a smart shopper and know what to look out for when searching for a skydiving deal.Compare the prices of skydiving centers jumping from 14,000 ft and make sure you ask or read the fine print if there are any additional fees.

At Skydive Danielson, our prices are fair rates for skydiving. Our company believes in charging a proper rate which allows us to pay our hard working staff and maintain our aircraft and equipment above and beyond industry standards.

Once you skydive with us you will be given a coupon to return for $165 forever! While we do not believe in using Groupons, we do believe in customer loyalty!

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on our 5-Star customer service. Check out the reviews on a skydiving center before you officially book your tandem skydive with them. Are they all 5-Stars? What are the negative things being said? Does the dropzone follow USPA Rules and Regulations? Reviews are SO important when it comes to choosing where you will be doing your tandem skydive. Please choose wisely. Skydiving is one of the most exhilarating and fun things anyone can do, but in the wrong hands it can be one of the most dangerous. 

5 Reasons To Do A Tandem Skydive At Skydive Danielson: 

1. Our #1 safety record

2. Our 5-Star Review reputation

3. We are a smaller skydiving center, so we get to spend more one-on-one time with our customers 

4. Skydives are made from 14,000FT which gives you a 60 second freefall. Many locations in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Hampshire skydive from just 10,000 ft which means a 30 second freefall.

5. Our pricing offers the most affordable and best rates when it comes to tandem skydiving as well as the Accelerated Free Fall Program. Skydive with us once and we will give you a coupon to skydive again for only $165!






 Are You Still Not Sure Where To Go To Find A Dropzone Near You? 

Check out www.dropzone.com or www.google.com to find a dropzone near you. Don't forget to look into their website, reviews and safety protocols before booking your tandem skydive.