First Skydive


No one ever forgets their first skydive. So why not go for the best experience possible with our higher than high, 14,000 ft skydive with 60 seconds of mind-blowing freefall at Skydive Danielson?! 

Our dedicated instructors love skydiving and are enthusiastic about introducing new jumpers to the sky. Our top-notch customer service, competitive pricing, and unbeatable safety record is why Skydive Danielson is consistently voted as one of the best dropzones to experience your first skydive and a fantastic place to learn to skydive.



For our first-time jumpers, we always recommend a tandem skydive. During a tandem skydive, you will be attached to the front of one of our highly-experienced and USPA-certified tandem instructors, who will accompany you throughout your entire skydive and be responsible for operating all of the skydiving equipment. Tandem skydiving allows you to experience the thrill of skydiving without any prior experience.

First time skydiving in freefall

Check-In & Gear-Up

Your arrival time is your reservation time. At check-in, you’ll show your ID, complete your waiver, and attend a 20-minute orientation class to review safety protocols and answer questions. This is your chance to add-on one of our popular video & photo packages. Once it’s your turn, we’ll put a special tandem harness on you and introduce you to your instructor!

Airplane Ride

It’s GO time! You and your instructor will board the plane together. Your sightseeing flight up to 14,000 feet will take about 15-20 minutes. You’ll get to enjoy the beautiful scenery of The Last Green Valley and other surrounding cities such as Hartford, Providence, and sometimes Boston! At the end of the flight, the plane door will open and you’ll be ready to jump!


Once you exit the airplane, you’ll experience about 60 exhilarating seconds of freefall at 120 mph. Just seconds after your big leap, you will reach terminal velocity and it won’t feel like you're falling – more like being held-up by a magical bed of glorious air. Nothing compares to the liberation and exhilaration of skydiving freefall!

Parachute Ride

At about 5,000 feet, your instructor will deploy the parachute. All of a sudden, you’ll go from the rush of a lifetime to a peaceful and relaxing canopy ride. You’ll enjoy 5 to 7 breathtaking minutes of pure tranquility and amazing New England views as you float back down to Earth. While under canopy, it’ll be quiet enough to talk with your instructor.


In your final moments of descent, your instructor will remind you of what to do for landing. You’ll either gently slide on your bottom or your instructor will stand you up for landing. At this point you will feel absolutely incredible – super accomplished, empowered, and amazed!! Scream, jump up and down, laugh, cry, whatever you need to express your joy!

After Your Jump

You will receive a personalized certificate from Skydive Danielson as proof of your life-changing accomplishment. No need to wait around for your video, all video/photo packages are sent via email (if you prefer a USB, let us know). From here you’re free to go, but you’re welcome to stay and witness other first-timers come in to land.   

Your tandem skydive doesn’t have to be your only skydive! At Skydive Danielson, we highly encourage our tandem students to progress into “student status” and learn how to become a licensed skydiver through our one-of-a-kind Learn to Skydive Program. Have questions? Check out our tandem skydiving FAQs and first-timer pro tips

Why Choose Skydive Danielson?

Not all skydiving centers are created equal. Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts skydiver's are all proud to call Skydive Danielson their home. What makes Skydive Danielson the #1 choice for skydiving in New England? There are more decisions to consider than just price when deciding where to make your first tandem skydive.

Highest Skydiving Altitude

The best part of skydiving is the ''freefall'' after you've jumped out of the airplane, but before you've opened your parachute. At Skydive Danielson, we take you all the way up to 14,000 feet to maximize your freefall time. That extra altitude gives you up to 50% more freefall time than other locations throughout Boston, MA & Providence, RI.

First time skydiving in freefall

Skydive Danielson

  • 14,000 ft skydive
  • 60 second freefall
  • 5-7 minute parachute ride

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5 Star Customer Service

Don't just take our word for it, our 5-star reviews speak for themselves. Customers love the feeling and vibe that Skydive Danielson provides. You won't feel like just another number here. You can jump out of an airplane anywhere, but Skydive Danielson will make your first skydiving experience truly unforgettable. 

Tandem Skydiving Safety

The #1 reason for choosing a skydiving center should be safety. Skydive Danielson makes your safety our top priority. All instructors are licensed through the United States Parachute Association and maintain FAA medicals. Our pilots are licensed through the FAA, and our airplanes are maintained to all FAA standards. Our skydiving equipment is top of the line and maintained by FAA Parachute Riggers. Our staff go above and beyond to make sure all safety measures are in place before each and every jump.

Want to learn more about what it takes to meet skydiving safety protocols? How To Choose A Skydiving Center. 

Skydiving Solo

If you have been wondering, "Where can I skydive by myself?" then Skydiving Danielson is for you. We offer a complete USPA A License training program to earn your skydiving license. Want to learn more? How To Get A Skydiving License.

Location, Location, Location

Landing from a first time tandem skydive

Skydive Danielson is located in Connecticut, in what's referred to as the 'Quiet Corner' of the state. Check out our breathtaking views of The Last Green Valley. We are conveniently located close to both Massachusetts and Rhode Island! Check the distance to our Connecticut skydiving facility from nearby cities:

  • Hartford, Connecticut - 45 minutes
  • Providence, Rhode Island - 35 minutes
  • Worcester, Massachusetts - 25 minutes
  • Boston, Massachusetts - 60 minutes

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