Video & Photo Packages

A first skydive is only made once

Skydiving video and photo packages capture landing

Let our team of professional skydivers capture every moment of your skydive with a Video and Photo package. You only get one chance at capturing your true emotions and reactions from your first skydive, don't leave memories behind - leave with no regrets. Your friend's won't believe how loud you screamed! 

How Is My Video Given To Me?

After landing video and photos of first skydive

We offer two ways for you to access your media. After landing your video is edited by our Video Editor complete with music to capture your awesome experience.

Option 1:

  • Dropbox - Fast, free and simple! After your skydive there is no need to wait for us to edit your footage - leave immediately and receive your media via email by end of day. Your media is shared via Dropbox for you to download to any device.

Option 2:

  • USB - $10, 1 hour wait. You can choose to wait and have your media edited on site. This option can take up to 1 hour after landing. Most of our customers choose Dropbox to avoid waiting.
  • Customers that choose USB's tend to want RAW footage to edit themselves. Decrease wait time by choosing to OPT out of having your video edited.

If I jump with a group, will we all be in one video?

Exiting airplane with Extreme Hand Cam

Even though you may be sitting in the aircraft with your friends all of this changes once you exit the airplane. After exiting the airplane you can no longer see your friends; they are thousands of feet from you! Due to this separation in the sky, one videographer is able to capture only ONE person at a time. Video and photo packages are per person.

How do I sign up for a skydiving video and photo package?

You can sign up for a media package on the day of your skydive. Upon check in our customer service reps will ask if you would like a package. 

*Pro and Ultimate packages based on availability

If I have my own GoPro, can I bring it with me in freefall?

Capture every skydiving moment with a photo package

Sorry, due to safety precautions we are not allowed to let customers bring cameras in freefall. The United States Parachute Association is the governing safety organization in our country. They require that you must be a licensed skydiver with over 200 jumps and specialized training regarding skydiving with cameras in freefall. We take our safety very seriously and follow all regulations set forth by the USPA.

You are more than welcome to take pictures on the ground of yourself and your friends before the skydive and during landing.

What's the difference between your skydiving media packages and their cost?

Our packages offer different options for different people. We have options for everyone!

Most Affordable

Extreme Hand Cam first skydive exit

  • Extreme Hand Cam - $99. Our most affordable package that comes with a whopping 50-100 still photos and an edited video of your experience. The camera is worn by your tandem instructor so you get some pretty awesome footage during exit and after the parachute opens. Footage from your parachute ride is captured as well.
  • Best features - Most affordable, seeing/hearing yourself during exit and parachute deployment, footage of your parachute ride.

Different View Point

Pro package video and photos of first skydive

  • Pro Package - $139. Some customers do not want an up close and personal video like the Extreme Hand Cam. Our Pro Package is captured by a professional videographer who jumps with you in addition to your tandem instructor. It is fun to have an extra person on your skydive to play in the sky with. The media captured tend to be better framed as they are being taken by a 3rd person. After the parachute deploys there will not be footage of you flying the parachute until you come in for a landing due to your videographer not being with you under the parachute ride. While less pictures are taken (around 50-75) they are better framed and taken one at a time by your videographer rather than on auto capture like the Extreme Hand Cam.
  • Best Features - An outside view of exit, parachute deployment and landing are the best features of this package. Also having a videographer to play with in the sky.

The Ultimate Package

Ultimate Video package captures every first skydive moment

  • Ultimate Package - $179. If you are the person who wants the best of the best of everything than the Ultimate Package is for you. This package combines both the Extreme Hand Cam and the Pro Package. This means that your tandem instructor wears a camera and you have a professional videographer that skydives with you.
  • Best features- Comes with every angle possible! Four cameras are on this skydive taking video and photos of the entire experience. Both inside perspective and outside perspectives capture everything.

Examples Of Media Packages At Skydive Danielson


Tandem skydive exit
Parachute landing with customers smiling at camera man
Tandem skydivers looking out plane door at ground thousands of feet below
Tandem customers and pilot smiling inside airplane
Freefall at 120 mph

Video & Photo Pricing

Pro Package
$139.00 /person
  • Professional Videographer jumps with you!
  • Outside Perspective - view horizon & world below
  • Captures pre-flight, in airplane, freefall & landing
  • Video - video professionally edited to music
  • Pictures - on average 50+ pictures
  • Cloud upload same day

*Based on availability

Ultimate Package
$179.00 /person
  • Professional videographer jumps with you
  • Extreme Close-Up w/hand mounted cameras
  • 4 Cameras capturing every moment
  • Selfie & 3rd Person Perspective 
  • Captures pre-flight, in airplane, freefall, parachute ride & landing
  • Video- 2 camera angles creating a video professionally edited to music
  • Pictures -2 camera angles taking roughly 100 pictures each
  • Cloud upload same day
    *Based on availability
Extreme Hand-Cam Package
$99.00 /person
  • Extreme Close-Up w/Instructor Hand Mounted Cameras
  • Inside Perspective - selfie style!
  • Captures pre-flight, airplane ride, freefall, parachute ride & landing
  • Video - video professionally edited to music
  • Pictures- 50+
  • Cloud upload same day
  • USB optional to take home - $10