What Can I Do With Each Skydiving License?

September 16, 2019

What Are The Differences In Skydiving Licenses And What Can I Do With Each One? 

 A Tandem skydive is a great way to get introduced to the sport of skydiving. If you loved your first jump, it's worth taking the next step to becoming an A Licensed skydiver. And it doesn't have to stop there! There are four different skydiving licenses you can work towards as a skydiver (A, B, C and D). Progressing in this sport only get's better! 

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A License 

The A License is the introductory to the sport. You start by joining AFF (Accelerated Free Fall) which is a 25 jump program. First, you are required to complete two training tandems as well as a 6-8 hour first jump course classroom. After that, you will move on to solo jumping with a series of jumps with certified AFF instructors and coaches. Once you are licensed, you can jump with your friends and engage in basic group formations, as well as packing your own parachute. 

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B License 

Once you have reached 50 skydives, you are then able to apply for your B License. You must complete and pass a canopy course as well as water training before taking your B License exam. B License requirements also include a series of accuracy landings and 10 formation skydives with three or more skydivers. Once you reach your B License, skydivers are no longer considered "sky babies" and are able to take on more responsibilities and tasks. B License holders can do all the same things as A License skydivers, as well as complete night jumps, helicopter jumps and hot air balloon jumps. Once a B License skydiver reaches 100 jumps, they can obtain their coach rating to help student skydivers progress in the sport. 

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C License 

Your C License can be achieved after reaching 200 skydives. You would need to complete a number of maneuvers including landing accurately within a small radius of a target and have made 50 formation jumps. Once you are a C Licensed jumper you can then skydive with a camera to record your jumps! Having a C License also makes a skydiver eligible for wing suiting which is an advanced type of skill where a skydiver wears a nylon suit, helping them fly faster and fly horizontally. At this level, skydivers can also work toward their USPA instructor rating. This enables them to work with students in an official capacity at the school and sign off on their progress. 

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D License 

After you have made 500 skydives you are then qualified to get your D License. This is the most advanced license in the extreme sport of skydiving. With this license you can do everything included with the A, B and C licenses as well as work towards a tandem rating and AFF rating. With a tandem rating, instructors can take tandem skydiving customers on a jump using a dual harness parachute system. An AFF rating will allow the D License holder to teach future skydivers how to obtain their A License. 

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If skydiving is something you're passionate about, don't hesitate to check out our learn to skydive program here at Skydive Danielson. Take the first step to obtaining your A License today!