Is Skydiving Good For Your Health?

April 29, 2019

Skydiving Has Health Benefits?! Say Whaaaat!


Skydiving is not only a complete stress reliever, but there are many other health benefits as well. Other health benefits in skydiving include building your physical strength in your arms and your core, conquering fears and challenging your mental doubts which can help with overcoming obstacles in life later on, it helps build up your self confidence and it also produces a huge amount of adrenaline which boosts your survival instincts up through the roof!

So let's break this down all this awesomeness: 


Skydiving For Stress Relief 

Let's face it, we all have stress. Stress can cause a lot of wear and tear on your body and mind.  Skydiving is one of the many things that can completely release you from the stresses of your every day life. A large amount of chemicals are released in your brain after you skydive that help create feelings of happiness and euphoria. Skydiving also forces you to live in the moment. This means that when you exit the airplane any previous thoughts will be gone and you will simply be existing. Existing and living in the moment is what keeps skydivers coming back for more and more.


Building Physical Strength: 

When it comes to skydiving you use your whole body to do it. It is physically and mentally exhausting in the best way possible. Picking up a 30+ lb parachute and carrying it on your back, flying your parachute and running out your landing are just half the battle. Just when you think your physical exertion is complete, you look over and see your unpacked parachute. While pro parachute packers make it look easy and can pack in less than 10 minutes, most novice skydivers take up to 40 minutes to pack their parachutes. Once complete, they are drenched in sweat and need to take a break before going on another skydive. Many licensed jumpers will repeat this process up to 10 times a day! Jump, pack, repeat.


Conquering Fears & Mental Doubts: 

Overcoming any fear is always a challenge for us and a lot of people we see are in the process of conquering their fear of heights. When you challenge your physical ability to do something like skydiving as well as the mental preparation we make for it, you are not only showing yourself that you can do anything, but you feel like a complete bad ass! Skydiving, in our personal opinion, gives you the confidence you might have had hiding underneath all of the doubts!


Self Confidence: 

Conquering your fears with a tandem skydive totally leads into building up your self confidence! If you make a jump with us, 90% of the time we believe you'll be back for more. Heck, you'll probably be doing it on your own in no time. You are awesome and you deserve to show yourself how amazing you can be. 


Adrenaline & Survival Instincts: 

Adrenaline in itself is a survival mechanism. This chemical reaction in our bodies brings out our inner superhero strength and helps us overcome fears and doubts within ourselves. When our survival instincts kick in from skydiving and you have the perfect stand up landing or you had the most stable and exciting free fall, you walk away feeling like you can do absolutely anything. Adrenaline gets us ready for future skydives and helps break down our personal barriers so we know we don't actually need to hold back in life because we can do whatever we set our body and mind to! It's all about believing in ourselves. 


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