Learn To Skydive

How To Get A Skydiving License

Skydiver learning to skydive in CT 

Are you ready to go beyond the tandem skydive? At Skydive Danielson you can learn to jump solo by joining our skydiving license program. After you complete your USPA A License you will be able to skydive with other licensed skydivers. This program will begin your skydive training and develop your skill set to become a safe, skilled and competent solo skydiver. Our program is geared towards people looking to get into the sport of skydiving. For those of you who want to skydive more often this is the program is for you!

The USPA A license is just the introductory license in skydiving. You can also earn a B, C or D license as you become more proficient. Skydive Danielson offers training for all licenses.

How many jumps does it take to get your skydiving license? 

To become a certified skydiver you will need to complete 25 skydives. Our program is designed to take you all the way through these 25 jumps and complete a USPA Proficiency Skill Card which earns you the "A License".

USPA "A License" Requirements

The Skydive Danielson Difference

Student skydivers learning to skydive

Skydive Danielson takes pride in our training program. Our skydiving class A license offers a few unique features that you want to know about - 1 on 1 parachute training and indoor skydiving. You can train anywhere, but why not train with the best?

Key Features

  • 1 on 1 parachute training
  • Indoor Wind Tunnel training (offsite at SkyVenture NH)
  • Open 6 days a week (April-Oct)
  • Brand new student equipment with updated safety features

1-on-1 Parachute Training

Two training tandem skydives are required to start our licensing program. Why? Because it makes you a better skydiver. It's a safer method and it enhances learning. Learn how to land your parachute from the Pro's before flying one by yourself. 

Indoor Wind Tunnel (offsite at SkyVenture NH)

We offer an optional 20 minute wind tunnel training session unique to our school. Learning how to have a stable body position in a controlled environment is very helpful and boosts confidence. 20 minutes in a wind tunnel is the equivalent of making 40 skydives. 

Skydiving License Cost

Skydive Danielson offers a complete training program to earn your A license. 

USPA Skydiving License

  • 25 Skydives plus 2 ground training courses
  • $3460 -w/out wind tunnel (wind tunnel is not required)

Our pricing below shows you how much each part of our training program costs and the break down for each skydiving license level of your USPA Class A skydiving license. 

How Long Will It Take To Earn A Skydiving License?

Get your license to skydive in CT

Skydiving students take a varying range of time to complete their license. We have had customers who have earned their license in 3 weeks and we have had customers take 2 seasons to complete the requirements. It really depends on how much time you have to commit to skydiving, how flexible your schedule is to come jump on good weather days and the weather conditions on the days you come to skydive. 

A skydiving license is not about the destination - it is about the journey. If it takes a long time to learn to skydive you will be a much more knowledgeable skydiver. Being knowledgeable in this sport helps you stay safe. You will spend many days at the skydiving center not skydiving, but you have lots to learn on the ground!

How Do I Start Learning To Skydive?

Start learning to skydive

If you have been wondering how to get your skydiving license, look no further. To book an appointment, simply choose ''Tandem Jump'' when booking. Upon checking in at our facility, let us know you would like to start training in our Learn To Skydive program. 

**Weight limit for AFF is 215 lbs

Book Your Jump!

USPA A License 

Exiting the airplane while learning how to skydive

1-on-1 Parachute Training Tandems

Start your training off with 2 tandem skydives. These jumps are going to be different than what you may have previously experienced on a tandem skydive if you have done one 'just for fun' before. Being attached to a Pro as you learn how to fly a parachute safely to the ground is the best learning technique available for parachute flight.

What you will learn on the skydive

Start skydiving - learn hand signals

  • Hand signals
  • Altitude awareness
  • Parachute deployment

What you will learn during parachute flight

  • How to determine if your main parachute is safe to land
  • Wind direction / flight patterns
  • Avoiding other parachutes
  • Flare technique

Wind Tunnel (optional)

While wind tunnel is optional, it is highly recommended.  We will take a field trip to SkyVenture NH in Nashua, NH. The wind tunnel uses the most advanced form of training available for learning how to skydive. 

Wind Tunnel Benefits

  • Train in a controlled environment
  • Basic skills - 360's, up, down, forward, backwards
  • Gain confidence before jumping solo

*Special scheduling: held on Sunday evenings. Speak with our office to book.

4-6 Hour First Jump Course

How many skydives does it take to get a skydiving license

We will focus on preparing you for solo jumps during your Ground School.

Topics Discussed

  • Solo equipment orientation
  • Airplane safety
  • Freefall body position
  • Malfunctions
  • Landing

Accelerated Freefall Categories C-E 

Get your license to skydive

Congrats, you have graduated past tandem skydives! Time to put your hard earned skills to the test. Your first jump will be with 2 instructors holding onto your harness followed by jumping with just 1 instructor for the next 4 skydives.


  • Maintain stable body position
  • Altitude awareness
  • Land a parachute 

Coach Jumps and Solos

After meeting the requirements for jumping solo you will graduate onto coach jumps and solo skydives. All coach jumps include a complimentary video of your skydive and full debrief. A total of 25 skydives is needed to graduate with your "A License" which includes 6 coach jumps and 12 solos.

What you will learn 

  • Group free fall skills
  • Learn how to skydive with friends!

Parachute Packing Class

Student skydiver packing parachutes

Attend a half day packing class with a parachute packer. Learn what each component does and how it all fits together. Spend time with your instructor packing your parachute until you understand the method. Gain confidence in your equipment through knowledge.

Total Cost and Additional Info

  • Learn To Skydive (w/o wind tunnel) - $3460
  • USPA membership required - $78 for 1 year membership
  • Skydives may need to be repeated if learning objectives are not met on each skydive or student goes past 30 day USPA currency requirement. Program cost may vary if student needs to repeat any jumps or goes past the 30 day currency requirement.
  • If you pass 30 days without jumping as per the USPA you are required book a Refresher Ground School course. Cost - $75.
  • If you pass 60 days without jumping you just retake the First Jump Course - Cost $145. You are also required to repeat your last completed skydive category.