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Can't stop thinking about it Student skydiver learning to skydive

You just landed from your first skydive and your mind was blown. You go about your daily life staring up at the sky wishing you were up there. We understand your obsession; that’s what happened to all the staff at Skydive Danielson. We love this sport and want to share it with you. The skydiving community is a close knit group of jumpers that you will love being a part of. Come learn to skydive with us at Skydive Danielson! Skydiving has changed our lives and it can change yours too.

The Skydive Danielson Difference

We require 2 training tandem skydives before going solo. Why? Because it makes you a better skydiver. It's a safer method and it enhances learning. Not only is it a safer method of learning to skydive, but the skills that you obtain from this one-on-one training method are invaluable.

We also offer wind tunnel training offsite at SkyVenture NH. Learning how to have a stable body position in a controlled environment is very helpful. 20 minutes in a wind tunnel is the equivalent of making 40 skydives. 

How To Become A Licensed Skydiver

Earn your skydiving "A License" through the USPA at Skydive Danielson. A skydiving license is issued through the United States Parachute Association and requires 25 skydives. You can train anywhere, but why not train with the best?

Our blog article contains more general information about learning to skydive: What is Accelerated FreeFall and How do I get my license to skydive?

**Weight limit for AFF is 215 lbs

Learn To Skydive Course Contents


Online Ground School

Start learning how to skydive at home by taking the Online Ground School. Fill out this Online Ground School Quiz and bring it with you to begin your training. This information will build your skydiving knowledge and give you a solid foundation in our skydive school.

Training Tandems

Bring your Online Ground School Quiz with you to start training. Call us to book an appointment and let us know you are beginning our Learn To Skydive program. We will review your Online Ground School upon arrival. On training tandems we focus heavily on parachute flight - plan a flight pattern, learn about wind direction, etc. The skydive portion will focus on altitude awareness and parachute deployment.

Wind Tunnel (optional)

While wind tunnel is optional, it is highly recommended.  We will take a field trip to SkyVenture NH in Nashua, NH. The wind tunnel uses the most advanced form of training available for learning how to skydive. 20 minutes in a wind tunnel is the equivalent of making 40 skydives! Train in a worry-free environment and gain a solid skill set. You will learn to move up, down, forwards, backwards and 360 degree turns.

4-6 Hour First Jump Course

This skydiving ground school is held at the dropzone. Time to revisit the information you learned in the Online Ground School! This time we will focus on preparing you for solo jumps. We will focus on safety procedures for solo freefall as well as parachute flight.

Accelerated Freefall Categories C-E Learning to skydive and checking equipment

Congrats, you have graduated past tandem skydives! Time to put your hard earned skills to the test. First jump will be with 2 instructors holding onto your harness followed by jumping with just 1 instructor. Maintaining a stable body position while keeping altitude awareness are the two most important parts of freefall. Learning to properly set up a landing pattern based on current wind conditions is an essential skill learned for canopy flight. You will be doing flips in the sky by the end of this portion of the program!

Coach Jumps and Solos

After proving that you can skydive on your own you will graduate to coach jumps and solo skydives. Coach jumps hone your 'group freefall' skill set so that you can skydive with all your new skydiving buddies! All coach jumps include a complimentary video of your skydive and full debrief. Solo jumps give you a chance to practice those skills and focus on parachute flight. Complete 25 skydives and all portions of the A License Proficiency card to earn your A license. A minimum of 6 coach jumps are required and 12 solo skydives.

Parachute Packing Class Student skydiver packing parachutes

Attend a half day packing class with one of our parachute packers or coaches. Learn what each component does and how it all fits together. Spend time with your instructor packing and repacking your parachute until you understand the method. Gain confidence in your equipment through knowledge.

Total Cost and Additional Info

  • Learn To Skydive (w/o wind tunnel) - $3000
  • Learn To Skydive (w/wind tunnel) -    $3280
  • USPA membership required - $65 for 1 year membership
  • Skydives may need to be repeated if learning objectives are not met on each skydive or student goes past 30 day USPA currency requirement. Program cost may vary if student needs to repeat any jumps or goes past the 30 day currency requirement.
  • If you pass 30 days without jumping as per the USPA you are required book a Refresher Ground School course. Cost - $50