Can You Skydive If You Are Scared Of Heights?

September 27, 2018

I'm Too Afraid Of Heights To Skydive

Thousands of people come to try skydiving for the first time every year. Even more people watch from the ground as their loved tumble out of airplanes from the skies above. If only we had a penny for every time a wayward ground dweller said, "I would try skydiving, but I have a fear of heights." 

Well we have news for you, you can still try skydiving if you are afraid of heights.

If you are reading this blog, you are probably seriously considering trying your first tandem skydive. (We hope you'll consider it with us, conveniently located by Hartford, Boston and Providence).

SO what's the deal? Why is it ok to skydive if you have a fear of heights? Here are our Pro Tips that will turn your Heck No into a Yes!

1. Does Skydiving Trigger My Fear Of Heights?

While many people suffer from a fear of heights when climbing ladders or standing close to the edge of a building, oddly enough skydiving does not trigger this same reaction. Ladders and buildings can triggers your sense of depth, being so close to the edge makes you nervous about falling. When skydiving from an altitude of 14,000 ft, you are actually so high up in the sky that this same fear does not get triggered.

Looking down on the ground from 14,000 ft feels a whole lot like looking over Google Maps. No depth senses are triggered due to how high up you are in the sky.

2. Tandem Skydiving Is The Safest Option -Skydive With A Licensed Professional

We get it - it's hard to put your trust in a complete stranger. However, believe it or not, your instructors really aren't crazy nor do they have a death wish. They jump out of airplanes because they love it and they want to share that love of skydiving with you. Going on a tandem skydive lets you 'relax' as much as you can because a trained professional is handling all of the safety aspects of your jump.

To become a skydive tandem instructor:

Tandem Instructor Training

  • 3 years in the sport of skydiving
  • 500 skydives minimum
  • USPA certified training course
  • FAA medical

Learn more: How To Become A Professional Tandem Skydive Instructor.

3. It's Easier With Friends

There's no doubt about it- there's strength in numbers. Skydiving with friends and family helps you to build your comfort base. If you feel like your fear of heights will prevent you from completing your first skydive, trust that your friends will help push you through it. After all, skydiving isn't that scary when you are doing it in a group.

Bonus- Skydive Danielson offers Group Skydiving discounts. For more info - Organizing A Group Skydive.

4. Conquer Your Fear Of Heights Head On

Most of our customers that come out to conquer their fear of heights end up leaving our facility with a whole new understanding of this fear. Skydiving does not trigger this fear the same way they anticipated, however it helped them in other ways.

Deciding to tackle your problems in life instead of hide from them is a very empowering feeling. That feeling stays with you longer after you complete your first skydive. This feeling of accomplishment creates a positive self image that you will always have.