Your First Skydive, Explained

November 30, 2022

Stepping out of your comfort zone is empowering and exhilarating, but walking into an unknown situation can be stressful. Your first skydive is no exception - the experience is new and like nothing your mind or body has ever felt before! Fortunately, you don’t have to know how to skydive to feel ready to make the jump. That said, your first-time skydiving experience doesn’t have to be mysterious either. Here are some great ways to prepare and get pumped for the leap of a lifetime! 

Do Your Research

It’s always a good idea to know what you’re getting yourself into before you agree to do something, and understanding how to go skydiving is no exception! There are plenty of resources to help you prepare for your big day with us, and reading through them will let you know what to expect. While the actual skydive is the main event, there is a lot more that goes into making the leap than just leaving the plane. Checking in with us, getting trained, and gearing up with your instructor are all crucial parts of the process. If you arrive at the dropzone already knowing how the day will flow, everything will go smoothly and you will look like one of the pros! 

Mentally Prepare

While skydiving is a physical activity, a lot of the rush is actually mental. Leaving an open airplane door miles above the ground isn’t natural! Our brains often react to these types of situations with a stress response, and no matter how badly you want to make the jump, your mind could have you second-guessing in the moment. 

A good way to get ahead of your anxiety is to do something relaxing or meditational before you get into the plane. This might look different for each person, but whatever it is that gets you feeling calm and in control, plan to do that before your skydive. Whether it’s going for a run before you leave, spending some time visualizing the jump going well, or making a list of questions to ask your instructor, doing these things will help you be more present and enjoy your jump to the fullest. You can also practice taking long, slow breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth to control your heart rate and keep your mind in check. 

Plan for the Day

Making your first skydive isn’t just an experience - it’s an event! Getting into the sky involves a bit of preparation, and the process can take a bit of time. It’s important to set aside enough of the day so that you won’t feel stressed or pressured. 

Your first skydive is a big deal! Plan to be with us for a few hours, and don’t schedule any other appointments for the day of your jump. You can even make the whole day about you! Why not? Invite some friends or family to meet you out afterward to celebrate your adventure, or spend the evening reveling in how amazing you are!  

It’s also important to have the proper provisions with you when you come to the drop zone. Make sure you wear clothes that are appropriate for the temperature and that are easy to move around in. Athletic or workout clothes tend to be the best. You also want to bring snacks! Besides just being everyone’s favorite source of comfort, snacks will help regulate your blood sugar and keep you from getting too hungry while you are hanging out before and after your jump. Nothing should distract you from being able to have your full focus on the best experience of your life! 


Bring Friends

What’s better than snacks? Friends! The only thing that could make jumping out of an airplane more fun is doing it with your favorite people. Our drop zone has picnic tables, a gas grill, and plenty of open space to play games, lounge on blankets, or watch other skydivers land! You can book up to six people per time slot, or book multiple time slots if your group is bigger than six. 

Save Memories

You may not realize it yet, but this day is going to be life-changing. Once you step out of that airplane door, you’ll feel like a superhero! There’s nothing you can’t do, including reliving the experience over and over again. Getting video of your jump is the perfect way to reminisce (or to show your friends how cool you really are). There will be so much going on the day of your skydive that some of it will be a blur - that’s how you know it hit the spot! Having your jump filmed will preserve that experience for you to revisit any time you want to feel that rush again. 

Are you ready to spend your day with us? Book your first jump or get a gift certificate for a tandem skydive on your birthday/anniversary/Christmas wishlist!