Yeah Buddy CRW Camp

August 22, 2014
Authored by laura morris
Where can I even begin?! What an amazing event here at Skydive Danielson. This was our first boogie and we sure made it count! Taylor Cole and Denis Zhuravkov hosted a beginner skill building CRW (Canopy Relative Work) camp for our licensed jumpers. No prior experience was required, just a 1.1 wing loading or above was necessary. Skydive Elsinore's CRW Team Too Wrapped Up provided us with CRW canopies for this boogie, so a big thanks to them! Friday night we started out with a slip n slide, cookout, bonfire and safety meeting, which started with safety and ended with unicycle bonfire jumping shenanigans. An intro to packing CRW canopies was demonstrated by Taylor Cole to help prepare everyone for the next day. Everyone was eager to start Saturday morning so they showed up for an 8am start time. The day was filled with 2 way CRW formations. Each jumper landed every canopy flight with a HUGE grin across their face. An afternoon weather hold didn't stop us from having a good time. We got to watch demonstrations of how to perform down planes, which involves lots of up close and personal attachment points of body parts. As the party began that night, our grill accidentally caught on fire cooking for the crowd and everyone busted out their GoPro's to try and film our tiki bar almost catching on fire! No one thought it was possible, but Sunday was even better than Saturday. The day ended with Sergio earning his CRW Dog title by having his 1st chop! Norm and Rob went to his rescue and found the parachute out in the corn fields! Thanks to everyone who participated, it was a blast!

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