Wind Tunnel Basic Skills Camp

February 15, 2015
Authored by laura morris

Skydive Danielson hosted it's very first Wind Tunnel Basic Skills camp at Skyventure New Hampshire. This camp was geared towards our students in our training program and newer licensed jumpers. The focus of this camp was to teach our jumpers how to fly with a partner in the tunnel. Skills that were taught were docking, burble hops, wall tag and 2-way Formation Skydiving point turning. The camp was a set up for a 5 hour block in the tunnel and we split our participants into 3 groups. Each group would hop in for a 30 minute rotation at a time with different coaches alternating between the different groups. The plan was to have each participant fly a minimum of 20 minutes in the wind tunnel and if they were able to fly with a partner they would get to fly more time. This plan worked great and almost everyone flew 30-40 minutes. What a great deal for only $255, that made each minute in the tunnel less than $10. We had 15 participants and by the end of the camp almost everyone was flying successfully with a partner!

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