Will Smith Skydiving

June 24, 2019

Will Smith's Bucket List: Tandem Skydiving 

We all have a soft spot for this guy, right?! He is just AWESOME. We think it's pretty incredible that he is completing this adventurous and thrill-seeking type bucket list. He enjoys pushing himself to his physical and mental limits and we enjoy watching him in the process of just letting go and living his life one incredible day at a time! Check out Will's skydiving moments below, we think you will find them inspiring, enjoyable and quite relate-able!


Will Smith's Tandem Skydiving Experience

Check out this video Will Smith has on his YouTube page for his first ever tandem skydive at Skydive Dubai with his two sons, Jaden and Trey! He has some very inspirational words to share with everyone who is contemplating making their first ever skydive. 


There is nothing more exciting than pushing yourself to your limits and conquering any fears you might have along the way. The best way to live your life is by LIVING. Jada Pinkett Smith, Will's wife, agreed to jump out of a perfectly good airplane for his 50th birthday present. She is terrified of the idea of skydiving, but she took the leap out of the airplane for the love of her husband. Will wanted nothing more than to see his wife enjoy her tandem skydive, but Jada wanted nothing more than to be back on the ground. Skydiving isn't for everyone, we all know that, but at least Jada can say she gave it a shot! Check out the video below from Will's latest interview with Ellen Degeneres on the couples tandem skydiving adventure together!

Will Smith And Jada Pinkett Smith Go Skydiving For His 50th Birthday


Skydiving is the definition of EXTREME FUN. Your mind goes to a place other than Fear when you are in free fall. Which, a lot of people think the worst. But in reality, you are experiencing pure bliss. Chances are, you're not as terrified of heights like you thought you were, you're not as afraid of the feeling of free fall because you do not experience a roller coaster feeling like most people think. You're not limiting yourself to fear itself, you're living your life to the extremes and pushing yourself to love other experiences life can give you! It's amazing and we love that someone like Will Smith is able and willing to share his experiences with us. We think someone with his genuine personality and being such a huge celebrity will help you understand a different view of how skydiving works rather than just hearing it from us. 


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