Why Skydiving Is The Perfect Escape

October 11, 2022

Imagine an experience that combines practicing mindfulness, an increase in serotonin and adrenaline (at the same time!), and support from the best community on planet earth…that’s how we would describe a skydiving experience. A single tandem skydiving jump can open up a world of possibilities. The competitive nature of the sport in tandem with the loving community of skydiving offers the perfect escape, physically and mentally, and we’re here to tell you how! 

Chill Out, Bro

Your headspace is the most important space. Many people peg skydiving as a super intimidating or scary experience but, in reality, it can be one of the most peaceful adventures of your life.


Skydiving combines the tranquility of yoga and the freedom of flying at the same time. Whether you complete a single tandem skydive or thousands of solo jumps, everyone has the same level of serenity and head-clearing powers as the next. Veteran jumpers seriously joke that skydiving is cheaper (and probably more fun hehe) than therapy; it is a huge reason that most of us get our jump on every single weekend, if not more!


Skydiving forces you to focus on the task at hand because it can be potentially dangerous if your mind is elsewhere; this is the same potential danger as cutting veggies with a sharp knife but looking out the window, it’s just not something you do! 

Develop A New Skill Set

Skydiving takes some serious skill. Something we find beautiful about our sport is that the learning never stops; whether you have 5 or 5,000 skydives, you will further develop a new skill or notice something that you could improve upon during every single jump and likely discuss it during a debrief. 


What’s a debrief?


A debrief is the time taken after a jump to go over every step of the skydive either with your instructor, coach, or fellow skydivers that jumped with you. This is a time to watch video of the jump and address parts that went well or a little off track during the skydive; it’s a critical time for constructive criticism and reassurance. This aligns with the “task at hand” mentality, as it’s the only thing you can focus on to become a better and safer skydiver! 

Developing a new skill or finding a new hobby is exciting and opens loads of doors! 


Increased Happiness (Chemically!)

When we do something exciting, a little bit spooky, and FUN, our bodies produce an increased amount of serotonin, dopamine, and adrenaline. Combining these is a truly euphoric feeling and one that we really can’t find anywhere else.


The rush and nervousness of the night before, the drive to the skydiving center (dropzone), and the plane ride up to the excitement and “HECK YES!” feeling of the freefall, to the tranquility of the canopy ride once the parachute opens and the celebratory reuniting of friends and family on the ground is special! These are all split moments in time that can become core memories and little happies to look back on when you need to escape reality for a second. 

Another reason that happiness occurs when we skydive, is because we just completed something that scares us; you conquered a fear! Or in the case of solo jumping, you may have mastered a new skill, like standing up an accurate landing, or flying your slot in a large formation (yaassss). Whatever the case may be, a confidence boost is always nice! 

A Whole New World 

Skydiving wouldn’t be skydiving without the community. We hands down have the best community in all of existence (ever), and it literally stretches across the globe! We’re serious, it’s totally normal to have skydiving friends in different states and even countries that you reminisce with about your single jump together and count down the days until the next chance to see each other!


Skydivers are an extremely diverse group of people and despite many seeming differences and coming from all walks of life, we all share a common love and respect for the sky. We pride ourselves in supporting each other on and off the dropzone and growing our community. 

A Physical Escape

Getting your USPA A-license (in just 25 jumps!) to skydive solo allows you to travel to different dropzones virtually anywhere to jump. Visiting Dubai with family? You can jump there! In Florida for business? Come a day early to get your jump on, clear your head, and prepare to crush that meeting. Becoming licensed opens the door to physically escape, whether it is out of state or country, or just changing your weekend routine to reflect your new hobby at your “home dropzone.” 

It is more important to have a fear of regret instead of a fear of failure. Failure is inevitable in life, but regret (not doing something because you’re scared) is a choice. We want everyone to experience the perfect escape: skydiving! Book your tandem skydive today!