Where Do I Land After Jumping Out Of An Airplane On My First Skydive?

April 13, 2017

Where Will I Land My Parachute 

Where Will I Land My Parachute?

Arguably the most important part of a skydive is the landing. A tandem skydive consists of 3 parts: Free Fall, Parachute Ride and Landing. The landing area is a designated spot at the Danielson Airport where skydivers can land their parachutes.

Can My Family and Friends Watch Me Land? 

There are picnic tables and chairs set up next to the landing area for spectators to sit and watch as parachutes come soaring by. Your family and friends are more than welcome to join in your exciting adventure. They will be able to sit with you while you go through your tandem skydive orientation class, watch you get geared up for your skydive and see the airplane take off! They will also have front row seats watching you land your parachute!

Hot tip: Prepare your family and friends that skydiving is a weather related activity and delays are possible. Bringing little children with to the skydiving center can sometimes be hard on them when we are experiencing delays!

Who Will Be Landing Parachutes?

The landing area is the designated spot called a 'drop zone' and is specifically designed for incoming parachutes. We have several different types of skydivers that will be landing their parachutes:

  • First Time Tandem Skydivers - These skydivers will be attached to their instructor and will be flying very big, very slow parachutes. You can often here them yelling for joy as they fly over the crowd below.  Landings are made by sliding in on their bums to avoid having a 4 legged race go awry!
  • Licensed Skydivers - These skydivers have anywhere from 25 skydives up to 10,000+ skydives. They have learned how to skydive and can do it by themselves without an instructor. Sometimes their parachutes are big and slow or sometimes they are small and fast. They love landing in front of a cheering crowd!
  • Student Skydivers - Skydivers obtaining their licenses to skydive will be flying very big and very slow parachutes. You will definitely see some carnage if you watch these guys land enough! Learning to land a parachute has it's ups and downs (no pun intended!).