Where Can I Go To Learn To Skydive?

July 1, 2019

Where Is The Best Place For Me To Learn To Skydive?

Here at Skydive Danielson we have an excellent Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) Program. We take a lot of pride and satisfaction in this program and we generally have 15-20 new licensed skydivers at the end of every season! It's amazing to see how many people come in for their first tandem and then end up joining our AFF program to become some of the most bad ass skydivers we know today! Check out more information below on the AFF program that we offer. 

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What Is The AFF Program? 

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AFF or Accelerated Free Fall, is a 25 jump program and ranges to about $3,200 in total. The pricing and number of jumps it takes to get your skydiving "A-License" does vary per person due to some students needing to repeat certain jumps or complete another ground school or a refresher ground school to make sure they stay current. Weather is a major factor in skydiving in general, being an outdoor extreme sport, we take our safety for ourselves and our customers very seriously. Students have to jump in very particular weather conditions, so your patience is definitely required when it comes to achieving your A-License. The program is laid out as the following, but again, can vary per person:

Jump #1: Training tandem 1 - $235 
Jump #2: Training tandem 2 - $235 
4-6 Hour Ground School Classroom: $130
Jump #3: Solo with 2 instructors - $235 
Jump #4: Solo with 1 instructor - $185
Jump #5: Solo with 1 instructor - $185 
Jump #6: Solo with 1 instructor - $185
Jump #7: Solo with 1 instructors - $185
Jump #8: Coach jump 1 - $105
Jump #9: Coach jump 2 - $105
Jump #10: Coach jump 3 - $105
Jump #11: Coach jump 4 - $105 
Jump #12: Coach jump 5 - $105 
Jump #13: Hop and Pop 5500FT - $60
Jump #14: Hop and Pop 3000FT - $60 
Jump #15: Solo skydive - $60
Jump #16: Solo skydive - $60
Jump #17: Solo skydive - $60
Jump #18: Solo skydive - $60
Jump #19: Solo skydive - $60
Jump #20: Solo skydive - $60
Jump #21: Solo skydive - $60
Jump #22: Solo skydive - $60
Jump #23: Solo skydive - $60
Jump #24: Solo skydive - $60
Packing Class: $75
Jump #25: A-License Check dive - $105

How Do I Get Started?

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In order to start with your two training tandems, you will need to reserve your spot on the schedule like you would a regular tandem. Booking your training tandems will require the same $50 deposit as any regular tandem would. If you happen to book it online, we just ask that you either leave a note that says you are doing a training tandem or please call us after you book so we know to update your account that you are booking a training tandem. It might just be easier for you to book over the phone with us, but however you would like to do it is fine. Just let us know! You will need to complete and pass your two training tandems before you can move forward with booking your 4-6 hour ground school with us. 

Do I Need To Pay For It All At Once?

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You will only be required to pay as you go with this program. We do not take large sums of money from our student skydivers up front, for many reasons. Your two training tandems will require the $50 deposits up front, as well as prepaying for your 4-6 ground school classroom. Other than that, every other jump you will pay for will be on the same day of your jump and will be prepaid before you go get geared up for your flight. 

Do I Need To Jump Every Week?

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You will need to stay what's called "current" with your jumps. If you fall past 30 days without jumping, you will need to do a refresher ground school, which could be anywhere between 2-6 hours. You will also need to then repeat the last jump you did in the program after completing your refresher classroom. If you fall past 60 days without jumping, you will need to complete a regular 4-6 hour ground school classroom as well as repeating your last jump. Please know with anything between weather delays, financing and getting the time to skydive with your personal and work schedules, it is normal to become un-current. So if this happens to you, please keep pushing and do not lose the faith! It just comes with the skydiving territory. 

How Long Will It Take For Me To Get My Skydiving License?

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However long it takes you to complete this program is completely up to you! It all depends on your availability, the weather and your finances. When learning to skydive, as well as being a licensed skydiver, it requires patience. Skydiving in New England is never easy, weather-wise, because we cannot hold any forecast accountable. One day the forecast would be calling for rain and clouds, but when that day is actually there it can be completely beautiful and we could be jumping from sunrise to sunset. We just never know what to expect with the weather until the day of your jump, so please enter this program with an open mind and as clear of a schedule as you can possible give yourself. If you are off of work early one day, it cant hurt to come out and try to get some jumps in while you're in AFF. Even on days where we are on a wind hold, those are days where you can come and learn so much form experienced skydivers and maybe get your packing class in at the same time. Anytime here at the DZ is valuable time when you are a student skydiver, whether you are jumping or not. We have had people come into the program and take multiple seasons to complete because of weather, or because of their availability and finances. So, it really just depends on you!

skydive danielson AFF program

Ready To Book Your First Training Tandem?

Please feel free to give us a call at 860-774-5867 or you can book online. If you book online for a training tandem, don't forget to leave a note or call us after to let us know it is for training. That way we can prepare for your arrival!