What You Won't Expect With Your Tandem Skydive

April 22, 2019

Are You Thinking About Making Your First Tandem Skydive? Here's What You WON'T Expect During Your Adventure With Us!

Tandem skydiving has a lot of customers considering all sorts of things, especially when it comes to making your first jump. Not only are you concerned about safety because that's always the first thing on everyone's mind, but you think about what to eat and wear as well. Here's some things we think you might not have gone over on your check list before you take that amazing leap into those bright blue New England skies! 


Falling Out Of The Plane Does Not Feel Like Falling


We can't tell you how many times people ask us throughout the day, "Do you get that roller coaster feeling?" when booking over the phone, checking in for their jump or even being harnessed up by their tandem instructor. The feeling you get in free fall is pure BLISS and excitement, it is in no way the type of feeling you get when your stomach is in your chest like when you're on a roller coaster. 


You Will More Than Likely Be Completely Addicted To The Sport Of Skydiving


After landing from their first jump many customers ask us, "How do I learn to skydive?" People do not expect to fall in love with this sport, but after experiencing the sensations of skydiving and being immersed in the beauty of the sky it's hard to return to 'normal' life. The feeling that you can do anything is also very addictive and skydivers are able to transfer that feeling into all avenues of their life. It's hard to go back to being a ground dweller once you have tasted the sky.


Don't Expect Your Experience To Go By Fast 


This is important information for all tandem customers!

In the world of skydiving there generally is a lot of waiting around, mostly due to weather. Unfortunately, as much as we would love to be able to control Mother Nature and her many moods, we just simply cannot. We ask that you be prepared for delays such as too much cloud coverage, high winds and rain are some examples when it comes to weather. Also be prepared for aircraft delays, for example if the plane needs to be re-fueled, which can take up to anywhere between 20-30 minutes.

We have you check in for your tandem skydive by a certain time and no sooner, to help things run more efficiently for our aircraft, our team and for your jump. There will be about an hours worth of paperwork and training before you're even ready to get geared up for your skydive.

Please make sure you set aside time in your day for your entire experience. We want you to have a fun and memorable adventure with us and if you plan on a birthday party an hour or two after your scheduled check-in time, you will not be very happy when we have to tell you its going to be at least an hour or so before you are geared up. If you give yourself free time during the day of your jump, things are much more exciting for you!

If you book on a weekday we ask that you at least set aside anywhere between 2-4 hours in total to be here and on a weekend about 4-6 hours set aside for your overall experience. We fly several planes per appointment time - all depending on what media packages customers sign up for and how much everyone weighs. We politely ask for your patience and understanding when it comes to making your tandem skydive happen! 

We also have a super fun new activity that we are excited about, PAINTED ROCKS. If you would like to bring food to BBQ or coolers with drinks and snacks, by all means, please do! We have a beautiful waiting area outside our check in counter where on-lookers and tandems can patiently wait and have a nice and relaxing time in the process of making their skydive a memorable and happy experience. 


We can't wait to jump with you! 


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