What To Expect When Checking In For Your Tandem Skydive

August 20, 2018

what to expect for your tandem skydive at skydive danielson


What To Expect When You Arrive For Your Tandem Skydive: From Saying Hello To Shouting 'I Did It!' 

Here is a step-by-step process of what to expect for your first tandem skydive when arriving at Skydive Danielson. 

Step 1: Arriving At Your Scheduled Time 



When you arrive at Skydive Danielson, head into the office so you can check in. Please be sure to arrive at your scheduled time. If you have booked your tandem skydive for 3:30 pm, please arrive for 3:30 pm. Once you're in the office give your first and last name to the employees behind the counter. They will then direct you over to our waiver terminals.

*You do not need to come any sooner than your check in time and if you do, you will only be adding to your time here at the facility. We prepare you for 2-4 hours on a weekday, and 4-6 hours on a weekend AFTER your check in time.

Step 2: Filling Out Your Waiver






You will enter your information in our online Waiver Kiosks. These will need to be read through completely and signed/initialed when asked. Once you are finished with the waiver, the kiosk will say "You're all done!" at that time, please head back over to the Manifest counter. If you plan on purchasing a Media Package for your tandem skydive, you can add one when you make your payment.                                                                          

Step 3: Weighing In






After you have completed your digital tandem waiver, an office rep will then need to weigh you. You will need to weigh under 230 lbs. Even if you weigh in at 231 lbs, you will not be able to jump with us that day. 

*Due to safety precautions, our weight limit is strictly enforced. 

Step 4: Training






Your next step is to pay the remaining balance for your tandem skydive and media packages. After your paperwork is all complete, you will watch an Orientation Video. When the video is over, an instructor will come in to review the material and ask if you have any questions. 

Step 5: Put Your Things Away






Next it's time to put your belongings away in your vehicle, or hand them off to a friend or family member who came along to watch. We recommend that you take off all jewelry, hats, watches and other belongings in your vehicle and place your keys in our designated key basket. This is where they will be from the moment you put them in until the moment you take them out. 

Step 6: Getting Geared Up






When you're done putting your things away please head outside and wait for an instructor to call out your name. When you hear your name you will head over to our packing tent area where you will see an instructor waiting for you, more than likely with a harness in their hands.

*Please do not eat, drink, smoke or chew gum while wearing the harness. This is your life saving device and you do not want to damage it.  

Step 7: Heading To The Airplane






When you're all geared up and in your harness you will at some point be instructed to get into the back of our tandem truck and head down to the airport where the airplane will be waiting for you on the runway. If you purchased a Media Package, the beginning of your video will be recorded in front of our Skydive Danielson sign on the Manifest building before you get into the truck. 

Step 8: Getting In The Plane






When you are down at the airport please be sure to stay with your instructor. Please do not try and climb up into the airplane until your instructor gives you the OK. You will then need to climb up a short ladder into the airplane and sit down on one of the benches. Your instructor will be right with you and will at some point attach themselves to your harness. 

Step 9: Taking Off For 14,000 Feet






When it comes to take off it can be pretty nerve-wracking, but you're all in it together! Take it all in and be excited to get to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. If you bought a Media Package you will be recorded a few times throughout your airplane ride and your instructor will let you know when to get ready for the camera. Don't forget to check out the view!

Step 10: Jumping Out At 14,000 Feet






When it is time to skydive the door will open and everyone starts to get really excited. Sometimes you will have licensed skydivers in the airplane with you.  If they are in the airplane with you they will be exiting before you. This is something really exciting to see because they do flips out of the plane or wave goodbye and fall out. They make your nerves go away with how silly they can be and simply make your experience that much more fun! When you're getting ready to jump out your instructor will make sure you are in the correct position, which you go over in your training class. You will then rock right out of the airplane and start freefall. 120 mph here we come! Freefall is unlike anything you have experienced before - jumping out of an airplane and freefalling through the sky is just so unique. It's ah-mazing!

Step 11: Parachute Ride






After your 60 second freefall your instructor will then deploy your parachute. Once the parachute deploys, you are now able to relax as well as continue to have lots of fun. You will be able to take the reins and steer the canopy around if you would like. Your instructor can spin you both around or keep perfectly still, whichever you'd prefer. They will point out where certain towns and cities are and let you take in the amazing views. If you purchased a media package they will do a short interview with you after your parachute deploys so you can see and hear your initial reaction after that incredible freefall. 

Step 12: Landing The Parachute






It's time to land the parachute. At this point, your instructor will let you know when to be ready for landing. Normally, when you come into land you will be sliding in on your butt as if you are sliding into home base. But be prepared to switch things up if your instructor says they will stand up your landing. Keep an ear out for what you are instructed to do, this is the most important part of your tandem skydive when it comes to safety. 

Step 13: Congratulations, You Did It!






Wow, you just jumped out of a perfectly good airplane! You are awesome! When you land, if you purchased a media package your instructor will do a short interview with you on how you enjoyed your overall experience. Don't forget to high five your instructor, they just saved your life! At this time a lot of tandem skydivers will feel some pressure in their ears from the dramatic change in altitude, this is perfectly normal and the pressure should fade soon. 

Step 14: Picking Up Your Certificate






After landing and after an instructor has removed your harness, make your way back inside the office. You will have a certificate with your name printed on it as well as a discounted coupon to come back. If you would like you can sign your instructors logbooks which are located on the same table as where your certificate will be. You can write about how much fun you had! They look forward to reading their logbooks at the end of every day, it makes their job that much more awesome! 

Step 15: Media Packages






You will receive your media packages by the end of the day. Your media package will be sent to the email address that you provided to us on our Waiver Kiosk. The email our editor will send you will include a private link to your media located in our Dropbox. You will need to download everything within 30 days from your tandem skydive. Our Dropbox is meant solely as a media sharing device, not a storage for it.  Your media will automatically remove your content 30 days after your jump with us. 

Step 16: Book Your Next Jump For Only $165






Take advantage of our return customer coupon of $165! In order to get this awesome deal you will need to purchase it within 48 from your last tandem skydive. You do not need to schedule this jump right away. This special rate is for our return customers only. You cannot gift this to someone. However, if you have purchased a $165 and cannot come back, you are more than welcome to transfer those funds over to a friend or family member. They will simply need to pay the difference of their tandem skydive rate.  



If you would like to book your tandem skydive, please visit our booking site or give our customer service representatives a call at 860-774-5867. Check out our TripAdvisor reviews or our recommendations on Facebook for more insight from our previous Skydive Danielson customers.