What Skydiving Taught Me About Fear

July 15, 2019

What Skydiving Taught Me About Fear

One thing we should all remember about fear, is that it's just a state of mind! You're only limited to what your fears tell you you're limited to! Skydiving helps you realize that you can conquer certain fears. Such as the fear of heights, the fear of falling to the earth at 120mph, the fear of trusting your instructor and trusting your gear, the fear of accepting that you want to live life and not fear FEAR!

Check out this awesome video that celebrity, Will Smith came out with about letting go of fear and what skydiving has taught him about fear. 



If that sparks your interest and want to learn more about Will's skydiving adventures, check out our latest blog on him and checking tandem skydiving off his bucket list!

How To Conquer Your Fear Of Heights With Skydiving

We strongly advise you to stop and think of how normal it is to be as nervous as you are before your skydive! Being nervous and scared of the 14,000 foot leap of faith is scary, thrilling and exciting all in one.

There are people who skydive every day who are afraid of heights and they will also tell you that when they skydive, they no longer have that fear. When you are up in the plane about to jump out, you are so awestruck by the sights of New England around you, that you tend to not even realize the height anymore.

When you look down, everything tends to be so small that it's harder for your brain to process that exact fear of heights, its almost like you're looking down on a toy town of some sort. When you jump, you don't get that roller coaster feeling you were worried about, you're basically being glided around with the warm summer air. It's really fun and can be quite relaxing! 

Embrace all those nervous feelings and experience one of the most amazing things you will ever push yourself to do! It's totally worth it and you will not regret it!