What Is Accelerated FreeFall & How To Get Your License To Skydive?

April 13, 2017


What Does AFF Stand For?AFF blog GFX

Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) is a skydiving training program for those pursuing a license to skydive on their own. The end goal is to achieve an 'A License' through the United States Parachute Association. With a skydiving license you can go to a skydiving center, rent their parachutes (or use your own), and jump out of an airplane for about $30. There are several training methods used in the US:

  • Tandem Training
  • Accelerated Free Fall (AFF)
  • Static Line 
  • Instructor Assisted Deployment (IAD)

While different locations use different methods, they all have the same means to the end. All programs affiliated with the USPA train by meeting standardized objectives. A student must pass the objectives on each skydive to move on to the next level of training. 

What Do I Need To Do To Earn My License?

When obtaining your license to skydive you will be given an 'A License' Card which has various skills that get checked off after each skydive. Each skydive will be recorded in a Skydiver's Log Book.

Part 1 

Your training is broken up into two sections. Part 1 consists of jumps 1-7 plus a ground school training portion. Front flip out of the airplane and barrel roll through the sky on your last skydive in this section! These initial jumps are about building life-saving skills and consist of:

  • 2 training tandems
  • 4-6 hour ground school
  • 5 solo jumps (with the aid of instructors holding your harness)
  • Wind tunnel training session (optional)

Part 2

Part 2 of your training moves beyond the basics and focuses on group skydiving skills. In this part of the training program you will be focusing on learning how to skydive with multiple skydivers. Becoming a licensed skydiver allows you to skydive as a hobby. Learning how to jump safely with other skydivers is essential in obtaining your license to skydive. Jumps 8-25 consist of:

  • 6 coach jumps
  • 10 solo skydives
  • 2 low altitude skydives
  • Parachute packing class

Each of your coached skydives will be video taped so that you can debrief with your skydiving instructor after you land. Learning to skydive is hard work but the reward is well worth it! Skydiving is proven to improve confidence and increase happiness.

What Makes Skydive Danielson The #1 Skydiving School in New England?

Skydive Danielson has 2 important differences in our skydive training program. Our program is a hybrid of Tandem Training and Accelerated Free Fall.

Our school requires 2 training tandems before you go solo. Why? Because it is a safer method and it enhances learning. Learning to fly a parachute can be challenging, so why not learn while attached to an instructor who has thousands of skydives? Our school also offers indoor wind tunnel training at SkyVenture NH (located in Nashua, NH). The skill set obtained by flying for 20 minutes in a wind tunnel is absolutely incredible. Not only will you increase your skill level dramatically but you will also increase your confidence which is a very helpful tool when learning to skydive.

If you are interested in the training program and cost of learning to skydive in CT, MA or RI, read more here: Learn To Skydive.