What Happens If There Is Bad Weather On The Day Of My Skydive?

August 1, 2017

Q: What Happens If There Is Bad Weather On The Date Of My Skydive?

We do our best to get everyone in the air on the day of their skydive while keeping your safety as our #1 priority.

Skydive Danielson will wait until the day of your skydive to make any decisions based on weather conditions. 

  • Same day forecasts give us the most accurate prediction

If we are not skydiving due to weather, Skydive Danielson will:

  • Call/Email 2 hours before your check in time with weather updates
  • Leaving more than 2 hours before your check in time? Please call our office
  • Please check your email and voicemail - many customers drive to our facility without checking these only to find out that we have cancelled appointments

 Some days are not so easy to predict the weather. On many days, we just have to wait and see what happens with weather. Please understand, we are doing our best to interpret weather forecasts. Weather forecasts are educated guesses on what will happen in the future. On these days:

  • We will call and explain the conditions to you and give the option to drive to our facility or reschedule over the phone
  • We will try to help you decide which days are appropriate to give it a chance. Some days are worth gambling on, while others are not

 Common Mistakes Customers Make

  • Think Sunshine = Beautiful skydiving weather. Unfortunately, even sunny days can sometimes bring strong winds that prevent us from skydiving (winds with an average of 15-20 mph or gusts over 20 mph on the forecast we will probably not be skydiving)
  • Do not check voicemail/email, have voicemails that are full or not set up - please check your email and phones before driving/while on the way to our facility
  • If the weather looks questionable please call us if you have not heard from us

 Q: I'm at the skydiving center waiting to skydive, but the weather conditions are not currently safe to skydive in. What are my choices?

Sometimes conditions will start out safe for skydiving so customers will drive to our facility. After arrival the weather changes and skydiving operations will be grounded. Understandably, this can be upsetting for customers.

When skydivers are not skydiving due to weather conditions it is because it is unsafe to do so. Your safety is our #1 Priority at Skydive Danielson.

Our wait times (2-4 hours on a weekday, 4-6 hours on a weekend) factor in weather conditions. We over prepare people for the time you may spend at our facility just in case weather delays happen on the day of your skydive.

Come to the skydiving center prepared -pack like you are going to the beach/state park for the day!

  • Bring snacks (drinks available at facility). There are pizza places that deliver and many food options close by as well
  • Bring something to keep you occupied if you have to wait several hours (books, frisbee, hackey sack, other outdoor games)
  • If you do not want to wait, you can always reschedule and come back another day 

Weather delays happen and there is no guarantee of how long they will last and if/when conditions will become safe to skydive in. 

Q: What are my Raincheck options, I'm tired of waiting!

  • Rainchecks can be issued at any time while at our facility. We do not require you to wait for weather to change
  • Rainchecks do not expire and are fully transferable