Why Are Weather Holds Such A Big Deal When It Comes To Skydiving?

June 10, 2019

Can I tandem skydive in any weather conditions?

What's that you say? The winds are too strong for skydiving?! WHATTTT?! 

The picture above is the usual reaction we get when we explain to our customers that we are on a weather delay. Unfortunately, when it comes to Mother Nature, we have no control on what she decides to do with our forecast. Nor is she predictable! One thing we know for sure is that if we are not skydiving due to weather conditions it is because it is unsafe to do so.

There are times where we have to sit back and wait while clouds or wind prevent us from skydiving. Many days, we have to assess the weather on an hour by hour basis. Sometimes it may be raining in the morning but jumpable in the afternoon. Other days we are able to cancel early in the morning when we know we will not be skydiving at all that day.

We completely understand how frustrating it can be, especially when you've been planning this skydive in advance and you have family or friends coming out from a distance to watch you skydive and party with you after! We want you up in the sky, falling out of an airplane and having the time of your life. Honestly, we don't usually have fun unless you are!  Here are some helpful information bits when it comes to weather delays, rescheduling and how to mentally prepare yourself just in case you happen to be showing up on a day that doesn't look so great. 

What Kind Of Weather Prevents Skydiving?


Wind tends to catch our customers off guard. A beautiful blue sunny day might be too windy to skydive in. Sitting at home, miles from the skydiving center, in a wooded lot or suburban neighborhood, it can be very hard to feel what the wind is doing. Why? Because trees and houses block wind. Skydiving centers have wide open fields for landing safely in. In our fields we do not have anything blocking the wind and often feels MUCH stronger here than at your home because of this.

We are frequently asked, "What is the max mile/hour that you can jump in?" This is not a black and white answer. Wind safety depends on what direction the wind is coming from as well as how gusty the wind is. If the wind is coming from the East and is gusty, we may be on a wind hold at just 10 mph. If the wind is coming from the South and is steady we may jump up to 20 mph. Every day is different.

One thing is for certain though, once wind becomes too strong to skydive in, your safety is our first concern. If we are on the ground due to the wind hold it is because the conditions are no longer safe to skydive in.



Clouds are beautiful to skydive next to, however once they restrict our visibility to see the airport and other skydivers/airplanes it is no longer safe to skydive in. Cloud safety is greatly determined by what altitude the clouds are at. If the clouds are under 9000 ft, our visibility requirements are stricter than if the clouds are over 9000 ft. You can read more in our blog: Can I Skydive When It's Cloudy Out?

The key to skydiving in clouds is that, once the instructors open the plane door, they will need to be able to physically see the landing area. If they can't see it then it would be unsafe to jump out of the airplane. If they were to jump out and not be able to see where they are landing, they could land off in a near by parking lot, trees, power lines, houses or back yards, etc. If their visibility was restricted they could also crash into other airplanes or skydivers up in the sky.


No one wants to jump in the rain and it's a pretty understandable weather related delay when it comes to skydiving! There are some days when it rains and it happens in spurts or it comes and goes so quickly to the point where we are able to jump as soon as it's past! Days where we can expect some rain, but also clearance for jumping afterwards we will usually call our tandem customers and still have them come out. Sometimes it's a matter of pushing the appointments back in the day a little to wait it out, but when the rain clears it makes for some really amazing sky jumps!

Some people do ask, how is rain such a big deal when it comes to jumping. Well, usually when there is rain, there are clouds. As we just discussed, clouds restrict our visibility. Safety is always our number one priority when it comes to tandem skydiving. Also, when it rains and you're skydiving in it, it feels like pins and needles on your skin. 

How Will We Know If Our Skydive Needs To Be Rescheduled? 

This is a very common question that customers will usually ask a few days before their scheduled skydive. We will try our best to contact you via the phone number you have provided on your booking. If we are unable to reach you by phone we will send an email.

If we are on a weather delay we do contact you 2 hours before your scheduled check in time. If you plan to leave earlier than 2 hours before your skydive please contact our office. If you have not heard from us and you're concerned about the weather and are about to head out for your jump, PLEASE call us and check in on the weather just in case. The last thing we want is for you to not be updated on the current forecast or on any delays and to make a long drive out if we are not skydive. Our contact number is 860-774-5867. Please save it in your phone as "The Coolest Place I Know". Much appreciated!! 

What Happens If My Skydive Gets Rescheduled Due To Weather? 

If you are rescheduled due to bad weather:

  • $50 deposits or Prepaid Skydives move with you to a new appointment
  • Payments never expire
  • No fee is charged
  • You can choose any new time/date
  • Discounts still apply (birthday skydives, Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc)

No one likes to be rescheduled and we really don't like to inconvenience you in any way, so we understand this can be a frustrating process, but we simply ask for your understanding and cooperation when it comes down to rescheduling yourself or your group due to the unpredictable New England weather. 

Need Help With A Booking?

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at 860-774-5867 and we will be happy to help! If you're interested in booking a skydive, you can do so online or simply call us and a representative will gladly assist you in your booking. 

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