Tim Ryder's Birthday!

August 5, 2015
Authored by laura morris
Whether you're turning 16 or 98 there is no reason to not live it up on your birthday. And I'd say our whole drop zone did just that last Wednesday in celebration of Mr. Tim Ryder's birthday. Although I promised I wouldn't post ages, let's just say it was a well-deserved mile stone, which ended in lots and lots of jumping from planes. Tim Ryder; The Man, The Chemist, The Legend did quite an amazing thing this day. In honor of his birthday this generous man put down $1,000 for all of his friends to have free jumps all day. What's a birthday if you cant spend it jumping out of planes with your best friends... Well, it isn't, at least not an awesome one. A few of our jumpers donated to the drop zone as well that day to make sure the free jumps never ended. We even had new people show up and help with the loads! 19 loads and 114 jumps later we ended the day with happy faces, pies to the face and lots of food and beer. Here's a huge shout out to Mr. Ryder, you made this day awesome for everyone!! Happy 50th... Urm, I mean 30th!! 

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