The Top 5 Coolest Things About Skydiving

August 24, 2018


Would You Like To Know The Top 5 Coolest Things About Skydiving? 

Have you never done a tandem skydive and ever wondered what all the fuss is about? Check out our list of the top 5 coolest things about skydiving. 


The People

When you think of professional skydivers you think of crazy people, am I right? Crazy BEAUTIFUL people that is. There is not one single skydiver who isn't so incredibly awesome. The skydiving world is full of a very eclectic and amazing group of people to say the least. From the day you walk in the door and say you want to get your license to being the guy with over 10,000 skydives, you are one of the craziest and coolest people in this world. There is no feeling like the one you get when it's just you and those bright blue skies. Jumping out of an airplane or even a helicopter which a lot of licensed skydivers get to do, will tell you that the feeling they get from accomplishing each and every skydive makes them feel like they can conquer anything else in the world. Every time they get to jump out of a perfectly good airplane is like living the best day of their life over and over again. 


The Feeling

The feeling of jumping out, free fall, being under your canopy and landing your parachute is simply UNREAL. If you are afraid of the "feeling" of your skydive you are missing out on something truly spectacular. You do not get that "roller coaster" feeling that a lot of people are worried about. The momentum from being in the airplane is the reason why you will not feel like your stomach is up in your throat. The only feeling you should be ready for is the amount of excitement you'll be going through! 

 The Beauty Of Free Fall


New England alone has so many beautiful and mind blowing scenery for skydiving. Especially during the fall when the leaves start to change, that is a view that will never be forgotten. We jump out at 14,000 feet and from this extreme height you can see Long Island Sound, Boston, Providence, Hartford, farmlands, lakes, fall foliage and more!  Falling past a cumulus cloud at 10,000 feet or watching a thunderstorm build in the distance are some of the coolest things you will ever see or experience. 

Conquering Fears And Reaching Goals

We have an immensely popular Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) Program here at Skydive Danielson. In the 2018 season alone we have over 30 students in the program and several have already achieved their A-License. Talk about reaching some massive goals! A lot of the customers come to us and say they are going through major life changes and use skydiving as an outlet for a peace of mind and to get away from the troubles and struggles they are currently going through. There have been cancer survivors, war veterans, ALS fundraisers, ash dives for family or friends who have been taken too soon and so much more. The emotional connection of skydiving is not only for people looking to have a great time, sometimes it's one of those things that you feel like you need to check off your bucket list and that's OK! Skydiving is so unbelievably rewarding. 


The Influence Of The Sport

We cannot stress enough the feeling of skydiving. This is something that cannot be explained. It not only makes you feel incredible but you feel strong, brave, crazy, excited, complete and so much more. The people, the sport itself and the atmosphere of any Dropzone will transfer the most wonderful reflection of the true meaning of life into your everyday way of living. Skydiving brings shy people out of their cozy shells, helps others with their self confidence or can simply bring some excitement into your world. 




If you're interested in booking your first skydive you can do so here or give our customer relations a call at 860-774-5867. If you would like to read up on our Facebook recommendations or our TripAdvisor reviews, we highly recommend hearing from the perspective of past and present tandem skydivers. If you're interested in learning about our AFF Program check out our Learn To Skydive page.