The Top 5 Coolest Things About Skydiving

January 11, 2024


Sure, everyone knows that when you skydive, awesome things happen. It’s one of the most popular bucket list items, after all. But just exactly what is interesting about skydiving? So glad you asked – we’ve got some skydiving facts that might intrigue you! The coolest things about skydiving are not likely what you’d expect or perhaps even heard of before. They might even make you want to jump more than you did before! 


The Culture


If you ask a skydiver, "Why is skydiving so cool?" you’d expect them to go on some long, passionate musing about the magic of freefall or the high of adrenaline. And that would make sense! But chances are the first reason they’re going to give you is: the people and the atmosphere. 


There’s something about bonding over an activity the rest of the world thinks is crazy to bring a group of people together. The skydiving community operates in a very similar way to the counterculture movement of the 1960s or a group of people who experience a unique moment together. No matter how different we all are individually, every one of us knows exactly what it feels like to fall in love with the sky. And there’s no beating that connection. 


There are even organized events specifically for skydivers. These events, called boogies, provide opportunities for skydivers from all corners of the globe and all walks of life to get together and enjoy skydiving by day, and community by night. The bonding that happens around the nightly bonfire is enough to rival the jumps made in the blue skies! (Seriously, how awesome is skydiving?)


The Feeling


There’s nothing that compares to the feeling of freefall. It doesn’t matter if you’re leaving the airplane for the first time or the 1001st time, it’s crossing that threshold that keeps skydivers coming back for more. Falling through the air at 120 mph is a freedom that just cannot be found on the ground. 


Suddenly all of your thoughts, senses, and movements are focused on one thing: flying. Your mind and body become hyper-present, and every part of you is invested in the jump. You’d be hard-pressed to find anything else that can create such an experience. 


And it’s not just the freefall. The canopy ride is just as exhilarating in its own way. The serene beauty of floating through the air, almost silent, is the perfect way to come down from the adrenaline rush of freefall. And there, under your parachute, is where you can really take in the views. 


But what about the feeling of falling? Doesn’t that take away some of the focus? Here’s a gem among skydiving fun facts: contrary to popular belief, you don’t experience the drop in your stomach that’s associated with falling when you go skydiving. A lack of visual references means that your brain doesn’t process your movement the same way it would on, say, a roller coaster or bungee jump. 


That means that the only thing you have to worry about feeling when you go skydiving is the liberation of the jump! 



The Altitude


Of course, none of what makes skydiving great would be possible without the altitude. The whole point of the sport is to use altitude for our benefit and to enjoy as much time in the air as we possibly can. 


Skydivers have always been altitude-obsessed beings. Since the invention of the sport, pioneers have pushed the limits of altitude higher and higher. Nowadays, a standard skydive takes place from between 10,000 and 14,000 feet. But the current world record for the highest skydive, held by Alan Eustace, is 135,908 feet. That’s a lot of freefall! 


Unfortunately, jumping from the edge of space isn’t exactly practical for everyday skydiving, but even from 14,000 feet here at Skydive Danielson, you can peep the beauty of the Long Island Sound, Boston, Providence, Hartford, and all the farmland and lakes that make our region unique. 


And different seasons offer new beauty. Spring is fresh and budding, summer has the heat and sunshine, and fall presents the dazzling array of changing leaves. Just one of the many benefits of skydiving in the Northeast! 


Conquering Fears and Reaching Goals


With stepping outside your comfort zone comes incredible accomplishments and personal growth. Skydiving is a sport of extremes, challenges, and unique goals. Just going skydiving in the first place is an immense achievement that anyone who does it should be proud of. And from that very first jump, there are limitless opportunities to conquer fears and jump to new heights (literally and figuratively). 


The first goal that every skydiver is met with is the solo skydive and student program. Doing a tandem is one thing, but jumping on your own and getting licensed is next level. It takes an immense amount of courage, focus, and passion to become a licensed skydiver. On average, we have over 30 students every year in our student program here at Skydive Danielson. That’s some major goal-setting! 


And once you achieve that A-License, there’s no stopping you! From there, there are additional licenses to work toward, instructor ratings to acquire, and skydiving disciplines to master. Or maybe you just have a bucket list of locations to jump in or aircraft type to jump out of! Whatever goals you have, skydiving can accommodate your growth. The whole point of jumping out of an airplane is to push yourself and overcome your fears, so why would the rest of the sport be any different? 


Speaking of larger-than-life accomplishments, here’s another of our favorite interesting facts about skydiving. There has been a successfully completed parachuteless skydive! Luke Aikens became the first person to successfully (that part is important) skydive without a parachute in 2016.


Some of our customers’ goals are more personal than the typical skydiving desires. There have been cancer survivors, war veterans, ALS fundraisers, ash dives for family or friends who have been taken too soon, and so much more. The emotional connection of skydiving is not only for people looking to have a great time, sometimes it's one of those things that you feel like you need to check off your bucket list and that's OK! Skydiving is unbelievably rewarding in so many ways. 


The Accessibility


At first glance, skydiving seems like an activity that would be only for the few in this world who can stomach it. But it’s incredibly accessible for both newcomers and skydivers who have been around for a long time. 


Tandem skydiving makes taking that first leap so much safer and easier than it would be without a highly experienced, professional instructor strapped to your back. And it means that a much wider variety of people can experience skydiving, as well. Anyone over the age of 18 can make a tandem skydive, even people as young as 100! There are age-related skydiving groups for every decade over 40 that skydivers can belong to and find camaraderie in. 


With roughly 4 million skydives made annually, there’s bound to be diversity in the demographics. And the world of skydiving reflects that wonderful mix of people. There are official records for almost any segment you can think of, from age-specific records to women-only records, even records that are held in all of the different disciplines. 


The record for the largest all-female vertical formation was set at 80 in the fall of 2022. Over 100 women from 22 countries came together to set the record with Project-19, a division of the Women’s Skydiving Network. 


If you can believe it, there are even dogs who have gone skydiving! No matter who you are, you can find your people in the world of skydiving. 


Ready to answer "What do you like about skydiving?" for yourself? Book your jump with Skydive Danielson – we can’t wait to share the sky with you!