What Did My First Skydive Feel Like?

April 13, 2017

first skydive feeling 

Author: Nikia Lane


On my first skydive, at 26 years old, I imagined the worst of the worst!! I am the type of person who worries over each and every little thing. I put way too much thought and stress into some things in my life and skydiving has been the one and only break that my brain has been given.

That skydive shut my mind off from all of the worries and troubles I had been putting myself through. The feeling I experienced was irreplaceable. I can see why so many people pursue getting their license to skydive because not only do you feel like you’re wonder woman during and after your jump, you fall in love with the jumpers and positive atmosphere that surrounds every day in this sport. The positive vibes at the skydiving center are contagious!

If you're thinking of doing your first tandem skydive, I say take the leap! Life is worth living! 



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