Tandem Skydiving Pricing Debunked

August 7, 2018




How Much Bang For Your Buck: Tandem Skydive Pricing Debunked. 

Do you ever wonder why your tandem skydive costs so much money? Here are a few of the reasons why your skydive is priced the way that it is. 






Skydiving Weight Restrictions And Pricing:

Some dropzones will extend their weight limit to tandem skydivers by charging them an overweight fee. At Skydive Danielson we do NOT charge you extra for being over the weight limit. We will not take anyone over 230lbs and will not take someone who is not physically capable of jumping off the top of a picnic table and landing on their feet. We strive to give the best experience to all of our  customers, but safety is not something will we slack on to accommodate any potential customer. Please refer to our blog on tandem skydiving weight restrictions for more info. 






Bigger Airplane, Bigger Spending:

We have a caravan! This is the most exciting thing that has happened to us this year. We are so excited to introduce our newest airplane to you guys! Our caravan holds up for 15 people total. This means we put no more than 3 or 4 tandems in the airplane at a time, and the other available spots will be reserved for our other branch of customers, the experienced licensed skydivers. Even though we have spots open for up to 15 people in total, to make sure the airplane runs quickly and efficiently enough, we don't normally squeeze in more than 12. This is a good number to stop at especially on a hot summer day because when it is muggy outside and temperatures reach up to 100 degrees, the plane can take up to twice as long to reach our specified altitude to jump out of! If you'd like more information on our caravan, check out our blog article here






More Altitude For A Better Tandem Skydiving Experience:

We are one of the only dropzones who jump out from 14,000 feet! We now have a beautiful Cessna Caravan which holds nearly triple the amount of people our old airplanes could hold! With this new airplane it takes more fuel and more maintenance to make sure things run efficiently. We did not jack up our prices what-so-ever because of our new airplane, but we wanted to give you this general information. 






New Media Packages Available: 

Media packages are sold separately from your skydive and are sold per person. We believe these are an absolute gem to leave your tandem skydiving experience with. This is something you can look back on for years to come and not only be proud of yourself for accomplishing something so terrifyingly awesome, but also to help encourage your friends and family to try this extraordinary moment in their life! Our new media packages are affordable and professional. Fore more information on our new media packages, please check out our Photo and Video page. 






Why Skydiving Deposits Are Required:

A $50 deposit is required upon the booking of your tandem skydive to reserve your spot in the airplane that day. It is also meant so that no one can book over your spot on the schedule for that day and time. This is the only way we can guarantee the reservation of your seat, as well as a reassurance to us that you will be there at your arrival time and ready to have some fun. Deposits are non-refundable due to the fact that some customers do not show up for their scheduled jumps. When this happens, we turn down potential customers for that day and end up losing money. To ensure we do not lose money, as well as hold up the production of the dropzone, we make sure the $50 deposits are non-refundable. However, your $50 deposits will be deducted from the total price of your skydive. When you arrive at the facility all you will need to do is pay your remaining balance, complete your waiver, do a training class and SKYDIVE! If you're looking to book your tandem skydive, you can do so here