How Your Weight Affects Tandem Skydiving - Why The Weight Limit Exists

July 27, 2017

Is there a weight limit for tandem skydiving?








Tandem skydiving facilities all have their own weight limit. Across the United States, weight limits range from 200 lbs up to 240 lbs. Here at Skydive Danielson, the skydiving weight limit is 240. All locations must have a weight limit due to safety regulations. Simply put, adding too much weight under the opening force of a parachute and the parachute is no longer able to safely deploy.

There are two main manufacturer's that make tandem skydiving harnesses.

Tandem Harness Manufacturer's 

Both companies have rated their tandem skydiving harnesses with a max weight limit of 500 lbs. This max weight includes:

  • Tandem Instructor Weight
  • Tandem Passenger Weight
  • Skydiving Equipment Weight 

Weight can also affect the accessibility of skydiving. Skydiving is a very physical sport that includes some strength, agility and flexibility to be able to have a good time. Some physical aspects of skydiving include:

  • Climbing a ladder to enter airplane
  • Maintaining an ''arched'' body position while in freefall
  • Lifting legs to ensure a smooth landing

Landing area at Skydive Danielson

Is the cost of my tandem skydive affected by my weight? 

A skydiving business can choose to charge one flat rate for all customers or they can charge an additional fee, sometimes referred to as the 'fat tax'. Locations who charge an additional fee for heavier passengers claim that heavier customers:

  • Add more wear and tear to harnesses
  • Makes the instructor work harder
  • Cost more in fuel for the airplane to climb

What is the weight limit for a tandem skydive at Skydive Danielson?

At Skydive Danielson all of our customers are charged the same price no matter what their weight is. Skydive Danielson is the only skydiving center in CT that does not charge an extra fee for heavier passengers. Some locations in CT, MA and RI have an additional charge. Debunk skydiving costs by asking the question, "Do you charge more for a tandem skydive depending on my weight"? This will determine if there are hidden fees in your first time skydiving cost.

Weight Limit at Skydive Danielson

  • 240 lbs for first time Tandem Skydives
  • 215 lbs for Learn To Skydive training program