Rhode Island Skydiving at Skydive Danielson

Located 30 Miles West of Providence, RI

Skydive Danielson welcomes jumpers from Rhode Island! We are conveniently located just West of Providence, RI just down Route 6. Within easy reach of Providence it is easy to see why RI residents are choosing Skydive Danielson as their #1 adventure destination! When looking for skydiving near Rhode Island we hope that you will consider Skydive Danielson.

Need a weekend getaway? Plan your skydiving trip in conjunction with a trip to the Casino's and you've got yourself an exciting weekend! Just 25 minutes from Foxwoods and 35 minutes from Mohegan Sun makes Skydive Danielson a great choice when taking a much needed escape from reality. 

Our skydiving center is open 7 days a week, making us one of the only full time skydiving centers in New England. Look no further when booking a skydive in Rhode Island.

Highest Altitude Skydive

Do you want your first skydive to be made from the highest altitude possible? Yes please! At Skydive Danielson our airplane is equipped to fly you up to 14,000 feet. This means that you will experience a 60 second freefall - almost double the freefall that you will find at any location in Rhode Island. We can help make your first skydive everything that you want it to be, and more!

Why does freefall altitude matter? Read our blog: High High is a Tandem Skydive & 2 Reasons Why Exit Altitude Matters. 

Check Out Our Awards! 

Our skydiving center is first class - we have won the award of "Best Skydive Center in the US"  for the past 3 years. What makes Skydive Danielson so popular with our customers? We deliver amazing skydiving experiences through top notch customer service, well maintained equipment, FAA maintained aircraft and fully trained USPA skydiving instructors. 

Read more about skydiving safety regulations on our blog: How To Choose A Skydiving Center Near Me For My First Tandem Skydive.

You can read about our "5 Star Customer Service" on every customer review website out there! Check us out on Trip Advisor, Dropzone.com, Google+, Yellow Pages and more. Our customers love jumping with us and have shared their experiences for you to read.

How Do I Learn To Skydive?

If you have already jumped at a location in Rhode Island and are looking to get your license to skydive you will want to check out our Learn To Skydive program. Not all skydiving centers offer skydive training programs for you to learn how to skydive. Rhode Island residents do not have a skydiving center in their state that offers a skydive training school. Our 7 day a week facility makes it easy for you to obtain your skydiving license as quickly as possible.

Directions To Skydive Danielson From Providence, Rhode Island