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Skydiving In Rhode Island Area - Travel To CT

Skydive Danielson welcomes skydivers from Rhode Island! We are conveniently located just 35 minutes West of Providence. Within easy reach of Providence it is easy to see why Rhode Island residents are choosing Skydive Danielson as their #1 adventure destination! 

Skydive Danielson

  • 14,000 FT skydives
  • 60 second freefall
  • Large, turbine aircraft holds 12 passengers
  • Open 7 days a week
  • USPA program: Learn To Skydive
  • Breathtaking views of The Last Green Valley

Rhode Island Skydiving - 14,000 FT Skydives

At Skydive Danielson our large airplane is equipped to fly you up to 14,000 feet. This means that you will experience a 60 second freefall. For skydiving in Rhode Island this is the longest free fall around.

Skydive Danielson

  • 14,000 FT skydives
  • 60 second freefall

Rhode Island Skydiving Centers

  • 10,000 FT skydives
  • 30 second freefall

Why does freefall altitude matter? Read more: High High is a Tandem Skydive?

Skydiving In Rhode Island - Group Skydive Events

If you are looking to skydive with more than 2 people Skydive Danielson is the right facility for you. Our large, turbine aircraft holds up to 12 passengers. Perfect for holding a birthday party, bachelor/bachelorette event or a corporate team building experience.

Airplane - Caravan 208

  • Large, turbine aircraft
  • Holds up to 12 passengers

Bring along your family and friends for this adventure. We have picnic tables and a gas grill for you to set up your party. Your ground crew will be able to watch the airplane take off, parachute decent and have front row seats as you land right next to them.

#1 Rhode Island Skydiving Center - Skydive Danielson

What makes Skydive Danielson so popular with our customers? We deliver amazing skydiving experiences through top notch customer service, well maintained equipment, FAA maintained aircraft and fully trained USPA skydiving instructors.

You can read about our "5 Star Customer Service" on every customer review website out there! 

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Learn To Skydive - Rhode Island Jumpers Visit CT

In the state of RI, there are no skydiving centers that offer a training program to earn your skydiving license. Skydive Danielson can help you earn your License To Skydive issued through the USPA. Our Learn To Skydive program utilizes the most advanced forms of training possible. We equip our beginner skydivers with brand new skydiving equipment each season to help ensure the safety of our students.

Skydive Danielson

  • Open 6 days a week
  • On site camping available
  • Brand new student skydive equipment
  • Advanced training techniques - Indoor Wind Tunnel, 1-on-1 canopy training

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