What Skydiving Center's Are Best For Skydiving In Boston?

March 1, 2017

Skydive Danielson - Boston's #1 Choice For Tandem Skydiving

Skydive Danielson offers something special to Boston residents who are looking to make their first jump. While Boston customer's can choose to skydive at several facilities in Massachusetts, they do not all offer the same altitude or level of service.

Skydive Danielson:

Skydive Danielson - Where We Came From

Interested in learning more about the people behind the scenes? Meet Rob and Laura Morris, owners of Skydive Danielson. Check out the following news articles to learn more about the owners.

Boston Voyager

Professional Skydiver Landing Parachute

This Boston Voyagre article interviews one of the owners of Skydive Danielson. Meet Laura Morris. The magazine piece is about small business owners that cater to Boston residents. Are you looking to skydive in Boston? Check out the story of how Skydive Danielson was built from the ground up and see why Boston skydiving residents choose Skydive Danielson as their #1 adventure destination.

Boston Voyager Article 

Bonus History Of Skydive Danielson - Extended 

Laura Morris started skydiving in 2003. Within her first year or jumping she had made over 100 skydives. This jump crazed trend continued and within the next year she had 350 skydives - enough to become a skydiving instructor.She began training students how to skydive while she pursued a college degree in elementary education. She always said that teaching skydivers was just like teaching 5 year olds!

Within 3 years Laura started videographing people jumping out of an airplane for the first time! Being a skydiving instructor and videographer was just the best job in the world - she was truly living the dream. Her husband also worked full time in the sport of skydiving as a tandem instructor, AFF instructor, FAA parachute rigger and videographer. They began managing skydiving centers in Alabama and next in Chicago.

Skydiving Chicks at Skydive Danielson 

After being so immersed in the sport of skydiving and the lifestyle that follows it for more than 15 years, they decided to dream big and open their own skydiving center. 

The next step was saving enough money to make this venture possible while living off of a professional skydiver's salary. While skydiver's are rich in spirit, their pocket books aren't normally fat with cash! There are many more lucrative positions out there.

They decided to put renters in their home and move into an RV for 2 years to save up money. After 2 years they were able to save enough money to look into owning their own skydiving center. Between the two of them they could operate every single aspect of a skydiving center: parachute packing, video editing, manifesting/office, tandem instructing, AFF instructing, videographing and flying the airplane.

Skydiving in Boston - Female Skydiver

They bought Skydive Danielson in 2013 and haven't looked back since. Skydive Danielson has quickly become home to people looking to skydive in Boston as well as all over Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island. Skydive Danielson has been able to grow their business rapidly over the past 5 years. They offer one of the highest altitude skydives in Massachusetts - jumping from 14,000 ft with a freefall of 60 seconds. This is the most extreme altitude that you can skydive from in Massachusetts. It's easy to see why Boston skydiving chooses Skydive Danielson as a top notch skydiving facility.