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January 3, 2017

In The Spot Light

 Skydiving is a momentous occasion for our first time skydivers. We have had some of the most amazing customers share their stories with us and we have enjoyed being a part of their lives. We have been featured in the news on skydives where our customers have battled cancer, overcome huge fears and more! If you are looking for encouragement and a reason to jump out of a perfectly good airplane, look no further. Check out these inspiring stories!

Road Trip America

The trave blog writers from Road Trip America joined us for an adventure at Skydive Danielson. You can read about it in their blog.

Fox 61 

Weather man Dan Amarante loves weather so much he decided to fly up in the sky just to experience first hand what skydiving is all about. The weather aspect of skydiving intrigued him! What will the temperature be as we climb higher into Earth's atmosphere? What happens when you fly into a cloud? He needed to check skydiving off his CT Bucket List! 

Connecticut Weekender

Listen to this exciting Pod Cast with Connecticut Weekender as they explore new and exciting things to do in the state of CT. Owner of Skydive Danielson, Laura Morris, almost had the interviewer convinced to jump out of an airplane before their chat was over!

CT Perspective TV

Watch the host of PTV enjoy her first taste of skydiving! She explores new heights as she flies up to 14,000 ft and learns what skydiving is all about. 


Cancer Today Mag

Skydiver Battling Cancer

Meet Kwesi Rollins! In this article he says he is, "Spending a year trying not to say no to anything." Going on a skydive for a first time tandem jump can be a hard decision to make, but Kwesi had a great time and describes his skydive as, "Complete bliss." Cancer Today Mag

Boston Voyager

Professional Skydiver Landing Parachute

 Meet Laura Morris of Skydive Danielson. This article interviews one of the owners of Skydive Danielson. Rob and Laura Morris put renters in their home and moved into an RV for 2 years to save up money for their dream of owning a skydiving center one day. After working in the sport for a combination of 35 years (between the two of them), they were able to make it happen! Boston Voyager

Courant Community - Hartford Courant

In this article a journalist visited us on a day where there was bad weather. They shine light on some of the safety precautions we take to help ensure that our skydives are following all the rules set forth by the USPA and the FAA. Skydive Danielson's #1 priority on every skydive is the safety of our customers and staff. Hartford Courant

NBC Connecticut

One of the best Promposals ever made! Pomfret School student, Edward Staten, proposes during a skydive at Skydive Danielson. The You Tube video went Viral! Not only was Eddie making his first skydive ever, but he was also proposing! Can you imagine the anxiety, fear, nerves and excitement? Life is all about living, and this skydive is a great example of how to feel allllllllll the feels! NBC Connecticut

Canopies For Kids

Canopies for kids

Skydive Danielson participated in a charity event last year called Canopies for Kids. This amazing charity involves skydivers jumping out of airplanes with teddy bears. Not just any teddy bear, but 'Courage Bears'. After making their first skydive they are delivered to children at the CT's Children's Memorial Hospital. Canopies for Kids

Blue Skies Magazine

Skydiving CRW Canopy

Skydive Danielson has been featured in Blue Skies Magazine many times! Skydive Danielson held a CRW Camp, where we taught beginner skydivers how to participate in Canopy Relative Work (CRW). CRW is one of the many disciplines in the sport of skydiving.

We also have won BEST DZ IN THE COUNTRY for the last 3 years! Read about our award. Skydive Danielson won BEST SMALL DZ in the country in 2014, 2015 and 2016. In 2017, we made runner up! 

Outdoor Enthusiast

Check out this interview with owner of Skydive Danielson, Laura Morris. She talks about what it was like to make her first skydive and why she loves the sport of skydiving so much. If you are looking for someone who is passionate about what they do for a living, look no further!


Interview With Laura Morris