Skydive Danielson Hosts Fundraising Event

May 10, 2018

ALS Fundraiser with Eric Jurado-Diaz 


Skydive Danielson is proud to be a part of an event in effort to help raise money for the ALS Foundation and it's research. After a life of challenges, Eric Jurado-Diaz, 56, confronts a terminal struggle head on with an ALS diagnosis, often known as Lou Gehrig's Disease.

                                                       Eric Jurado-Diaz

"Eric is one of approximately 5,000 people diagnosed every year with this cruel and incurable disease. The 'Ice Bucket Challenge' was a cultural phenomenon that drew many people's attention to ALS; Most people have heard of Lou Gehrig and Stephen Hawking - who lived many years and enjoyed a distinguished career, despite their profound disabilities. What many people don't know is the more common story of ALS diagnosis is moderate to rapid physical deterioration and often death within 2-5 years. Veterans are twice as likely to have ALS than the general population. 

Eric is no stranger to difficulty. He has experienced prejudice and discrimination as an openly gay man. He made his status known to his commanding officer while serving in the military during the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" era. Eric and his husband Luis, have been foster parents to many children with challenging lives of their own, finally adopting three sons they raise together with the support from their family, friends and faith community."
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   (2018, May 8) I Am Not Alone, Retrieved from


                                                                        Eric's first skydive with Instructor Stephanie Poirier


Since Eric's diagnosis in 2017, he set out on a journey to address a personal bucket list. Tandem skydiving being one of his top things to do. Skydive Danielson could not be more proud to share this experience with him. Since his first skydive with us at the end of our 2017 season, we have partnered up with Eric and his crew to hold a fundraising event for the ALS Foundation.

This event will be held at Skydive Danielson on Sunday, June 24th 2018.  If you would like to join his group and support a cause by going on a first time tandem skydive, you can call us at 860-774-5867 and ask to join Group #5255. The cost of the tandem skydive will be $235, with $50 from every skydive being donated to the ALS Foundation.


Skydive Danielson
41 Airport Road
Danielson, CT 06239

Come along with us on this beautiful journey as Eric and many others tandem jump out of airplanes to help raise money for the ALS Foundation. Experience this once in a lifetime feeling when it's just you and those big blue skies! We also encourage you to check out the mini documentary, I Am Not Alone, featuring Eric's journey since his ALS diagnosis. They are currently still in production and are raising money to finish this biopic. If you would like to contribute to either cause, you can do so by accessing the links below.