Countdown To Opening Day

March 25, 2017

With opening day fast approaching just 7 days away I'd like to name 7 things that I look forward to at Skydive Danielson this season. Read on to find out what skydivers like myself are looking forward to this skydiving year.

7. Sunset Skydives

There are several ways to enjoy a good sunset at Skydive Danielson. My absolute favorite way is by flying my parachute at sunset. I enjoy sitting under my parachute, facing towards the sun and watching it drop quietly behind the hills. It's a quiet and beautiful sight that just makes you feel good about life. Another favorite way to enjoy the sunset is by enjoying a cold beverage after a long day of jumping in the summer. Sipping on an ice cold beverage as I watch my friends land their parachutes is really a great way to enjoy life. 

6. Skydiving Friends = Skydiving Family

Anyone who participates in extreme sports understands the camaraderie that comes along with it. The winter is long and New England skydivers tend to hibernate in their homes. Summertime brings us all back together and gives us one central hang out destination. I miss my skydiving family and can not wait to spend this season skydiving hanging out with the fine folks at Skydive Danielson. On the ground or in the air, I couldn't find better people to spend my summer with.

5. Dropzone Atmosphere

There is no place on Earth like a good ol' fashioned skydiving center. It's a strange environment; there are crazy people who jump out of airplanes walking around all over the place, yet we seem so normal and welcoming to everybody. Skydivers are one interesting group of people and thanks to our uniqueness we are able to provide a one-of-a-kind experience to those around us. First time tandem skydivers are always amazed at the atmosphere and vibe they feel upon walking up to Skydive Danielson. It is the most open, welcoming and honest environment you can be in and it's hard to deny that there is a special lilt to the air. Perhaps our feelings of happiness, joy, excitement and pure adrenaline seep into the air and help spread the good vibes. Whatever it is, I love it, and can't wait to be around it 7 days a week.

4. Canopies For Kids - Charity Event

Skydive Danielson is excited to participate in the charity event Canopies For Kids. It involves skydiving with teddy bears, so called ''Courage Bears'', and delivering them to children at the Connecticut Children's Medical Center. This event will be held during July 4th weekend (6/31 - 7/4). First time tandem skydivers are welcome to participate as well as licensed skydivers! Need an inspiring video to make you feel like there is still good in the world? Watch this video Bus 52 created about Canopies For Kids. 

Courage Bears can be prepurchased here.

3. Smashing Goals

I've talked to many of our student skydivers and our licensed skydivers about what they are looking forward to this season. All of them have set goals for the 2017 skydiving season and are looking forward to smashing them! What kind of goals do skydivers have? Our student skydivers are working on obtaining their USPA A License. This license will allow them to skydive without the aid of an instructor. Licensed skydivers are working on earning B,C and D licenses to further their skill and knowledge of skydiving. We also hold parachute training courses for licensed skydivers to attend which will take their parachuting skills up a notch. 

2. New Airplane

The new airplane is beyond exciting! Skydive Danielson is about to crank it up. Our new airplane is called a Caravan and it holds up to 14 skydivers at one time. This airplane also flies up to 14,000 feet which is as high as you can legally go without using extra oxygen in the aircraft! Want to hear more? Read our article: New Airplane Reaches Higher Heights.

1. Skydiving

The number one thing I am looking forward to at Skydive Danielson this season is SKYDIVING! Jumping out of the airplane and getting that oh-so-satisfying feeling that nothing in life can replace. I've spent all winter long staring up at the sky pretending to be flying my parachute through caverns of cumulus clouds. I pulled my jumpsuit, helmet and rig out of my closet to brush off the dust. I've added new batteries to my audible and bought new shoelaces to match my rig. Let's go, bring it on!  I am so excited to jump out of a perfectly good airplane this year!