Say Goodbye To Barf - Skydiving Puke Tips From The Pros

July 4, 2017

Will I Puke On My First Skydive? 

Puke is definitely part of our job as skydiving instructors. However, the number of people who throw up on their first skydive is not as high as you might think. Roughly only 2% of customers making their first plunge add puke to their experience. 

Worried you might be in the 2% category? Let's see if you are a candidate for blowing chunks from 14,000 ft.

There are 4 main parts to skydiving: the airplane ride up to altitude, freefall, parachute ride and the landing. It is very rare that a tandem passenger will vomit while in free fall. The most common place for puke happens during the parachute ride and after landing.  

Say goodbye to barf by following our guidelines below.

Tip #1: Beer = Barf

Scared for the big day? If you think it might be a good idea to go out drinking the night before your skydiving reservation, think again. The #1 reason why people throw up on a tandem skydive is because they are hung-over. Flying the parachute around makes hung-over passengers retch their guts out. Find another way to quell your pre-jump anxiety!

How to avoid:

  • Avoid drinking liquor the night before a skydiving reservation

Tip #2 : Motion Sickness

Do you experience motion sickness on carnival rides or roller coasters? Will you get car sick driving in the backseat of a car? On a boat, do you find yourself barfing over the boat railing with sea sickness? If you answered 'Yes' to any or all of the above, then you will most likely, absolutely, hands down puke on a skydive.

Flying in a small airplane can give tandem skydive passengers motion sickness, especially on a turbulent day. However most people have their motion sickness catch up to them while flying the parachute and vomit while in flight or immediately after landing.

How to avoid:

  • If you take medication to prevent motion sickness for other events in your life, try using these same remedies for skydiving
  • Keep your eyes on the horizon
  • Acupressure bands
  • Eat a light meal and stay hydrated- avoid greasy foods

Tip #3: Stay Hydrated & Eat

Every day average customers who do not normally experience motion sickness and are not hung over might still experience sick feelings if they do not stay hydrated and eat before their skydive.

Skydiving centers tend to have higher numbers of tandem customers spewing during the hottest months of summer. Why? Dehydration! 

Many customers show up to skydive and say, "I was too nervous to eat. I'm scared I might puke." Unfortunately, skydiving on an empty stomach can actually increase your odds that you will ride the regurgitation train at 120 mph. Eat a light meal such as a bagel or sandwich and bring healthy snacks such as trail mix, fruit, protein bars, etc. to eat while you wait for your turn to skydive.

How to avoid:

  • Drink plenty of water before your skydive
  • Eat before skydiving
  • Bring snacks in case there is a long wait time to skydive

I'm Still Going To Puke, What Do I Do?

If none of our tips work and you still feel like you will vomit just communicate with your tandem skydiving instructor. They are professional puke handlers and can help make your experience better. Giving them notice allows them to turn the parachute just right to help avoid getting puke all over yourself and your instructor!

Ways An Instructor Can Help

  • Get a seat by the window in the airplane 
  • Fly the parachute ''lightly'' instead of aggressively 
  • Turn the parachute to avoid getting puke on you and your instructor

If you puke on your 1st skydive, it's ok! You are not alone, plenty of others vomit after their first skydiving experience. You can read their stories here.

Is Tandem Skydiving Different Than Solo?

Absolutely! Flying your own parachute versus hanging in a harness attached to an instructor is way different. Think about car sickness- it doesn't happen to the driver, only to the passengers in other seats who are not operating the vehicle. When you are flying your own parachute you are the 'driver' of the parachute and will not experience motion sickness.

If tandem skydiving has made you sick, but you want to Learn how to skydive, don't be scared!