The Ups And Downs Of Being A Tandem Instructor

October 26, 2018

Skydiving Instructor in New England


What It's Like Being A Tandem Skydiving Instructor In New England

Have you ever wondered what it's like being a tandem skydiving instructor here at Skydive Danielson? Here are some pros and cons: 

Pros Of Being A Tandem Skydiving Instructor

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1. Giving people a reason to live, helping overcome their fears and live their best life

Meet, Roni. Roni came to us in 2017 looking to do her first tandem skydive. She said it was something she knew she needed to do for herself because she was holding back a lot in her life. Doing a tandem skydive is what she believed she needed to do to help her overcome many of her fears. She never rode in airplanes because she was afraid, she was terrified of propellers, heights and not being "in control". This woman rescheduled her tandem skydive constantly. She would come to the dropzone, get all geared up and still not go down to our airplane. Finally, something clicked and she gathered the strength to overcome her many fears of jumping out of an airplane and the second she landed she went again! She know has been jumping solo with her A-License for the last year and has over 200 skydives! Way to go Roni, we are proud of you! This just goes to show you can do ANYTHING! 
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2. Jumping with people who have disabilities, battling cancer or who lost and loved one and wants to celebrate their life

Every year we book events and fundraisers to help raise money and awareness of diseases such as ALS, otherwise known as Lou Gehrig's disease. The outcome is always overwhelming with the amount of people who show up for the event, as well as the people who jump for a good cause! We also do a lot of Ash dives. When someone loses a person they love, even a pet, we will do a tandem where you can release the ashes of your loved ones under canopy. This is a big moment for a lot of people and we love to be here for these memories. When you are the instructor and get to bring such a light to someones life who has been fighting an endless battle or releasing ashes of a dear friend or loved one, it is the most rewarding feeling in the world. 
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3. Traveling for work 

Check out our girl Stephanie. She gets to travel every winter and jump out of airplanes for a living YEAR ROUND. In the Winter of 2017 instead of her usual go-to destination for work, sunny Florida, she chose to work in Australia. Getting to explore the world is a huge plus when you work as a tandem skydiving instructor. 
pros of being a tandem skydive instructor

4. Making loads of money on great weather days

On a good weather day with 50-60 tandems from sunrise to sunset, our instructors bust their butts! They also make a lot of money. It's worth all the sweat and energy that goes into such a long and hard day because not only are they paying bills, they really love what they do. Don't get it twisted, when the weather is awful, there is absolutely NO money to be made for an instructor. A lot of them result to last minute part-time second jobs if a season is stunted by bad weather. No one wants bad weather days, but they happen and when they do our instructors need to have a back up plan. 
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5. Getting to jump out of a perfectly good airplane

Tandem instructor and Safety and Training Adviser Norman Nault says, "I love getting to jump out of airplanes for a living. I have five minutes to be completely living in the moment". There truly is no feeling as great as jumping out of planes. This is a must-try adventure and extremely fun gift you can give to someone if it's just not for you! 
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Cons Of Being A Tandem Skydiving Instructor

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1. There's always a chance you'll get puked on 

Sometimes, being a tandem skydiving instructor has it's negatives. One being that on occasion people will get motion sickness. A lot of instructors will bring a change of clothes to work for the possibility of that happening. 
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2. On weather days, the instructors do not make any money 

As good as the weather days can be, sometimes they're also just as bad. When the time comes and we cannot jump due to winds, clouds, rain, etc. it's not just the customers who become upset, the instructors, manifest clerks, packers, pilot, owners and even the dropzone dogs feel the emotions of not being able to jump. It not only hurts the instructors wallets but it holds them back from another day of doing what they love. 
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3. There isn't much of a social life outside of work, during the jumping season 

When we are busy jumping on a 12 hour day, back to back on the weekends and followed by a busier week to come of skydiving and our instructors finally get home, they feel completely knocked out. Even though they love what they do, there is skydiving and only skydiving when it's jumping season. There is not a lot of free time when you are a tandem skydiving instructor but when they get the time, it's usually time to rest and eat lots of yummy food and get ready for the next day.
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4. Working in the cold temperatures

Being in New England, the tandem instructors here at Skydive Danielson start the season the beginning of April and end with a bang the start of November. Both are COLD. They prepare by making sure they have the proper amount of thin layers. This helps keep them not only as warm as possible but still mobile and able to do their job. It's usually around these times when the instructors wish they didn't have to jump out of an airplane. Only because it's never fun when your fingers, toes and face feel like they could fall off! 
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5. Not having a backup plan for work when the season is over in New England 

This not only goes for the instructors but for the whole Dropzone. With being so busy during the season it can be easy to forget to line up some work for the winter. This is also why a lot of us will travel to warmer climates to continue doing what we love the most, skydiving. When the skydiving season in New England comes to an end, you'll be wishing you thought of a plan mid-season! 
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