What Are The Differences In The Media Packages For My Tandem Skydive?

July 31, 2018



Tandem Skydiving Media Packages: 

It is our utmost recommendation that you purchase a media package for your first ever tandem skydive! This is something, you can not only say you have accomplished for yourself but to PROVE it to all of the non-believers. Our media packages are recorded and edited by professionals who love to see your smiling face from 14,000 feet in the bright blue skies of New England. We offer three different media packages for our tandem customers. If you need more information about them, please visit our Video and Photo page on our website. 




Extreme Hand Cam is captured by your tandem instructor; they will be using an Extreme Hand Cam Glove with 2 Go Pro's. These cameras are extremely wide angle lenses and were built for extreme sports. Our cameras capture a prejump glimpse of you in your harness, flying in the airplane, freefall, flying the parachute and landing. All of these views are up close and personal, selfie style. The Go Pro captures many pictures because it takes automatic pictures the whole way down. Package is complete with 50+  Photos and a professionally edited video to music.



Pro Package comes with a professional videographer. This guy or gal jumps with a camera helmet on and accompanies you on your skydive. Having someone to interact with you while in freefall is very engaging and brings even more excitement and fun to your skydive. A GoPro and a digital SLR will be used to capture your skydive. The perspective on this skydive is set back a bit, allowing you to see more of what is happening around you in the sky, such as the airplane flying behind you during exit and a complete view of your parachute deployment (which looks SICK!). The parachute landing also looks really awesome from an outside perspective!

The main difference - while this package does not come with footage of you flying the parachute after the deployment, it offers a more encompassing perspective of your whole skydive as seen from a 3rd person and is a more interactive skydiving experience as you play in the sky with your videographer! Package is complete with roughly 50+ pictures and a professionally edited video to music.



Ultimate Package is the best of both worlds. This package is a combo of the Extreme Hand Cam and the Pro Video which means your tandem instructor will be rockin' the selfie glove with 2 cameras taking video and pictures, while a professional videographer skydives with you as well! There will be 4 cameras catching every angle possible on this skydive! Package is complete with roughly 100+ pictures and a professionally edited video to music.

After you leave the skydiving center, you will receive an email within 24 hours containing your media.