Newlywed's 1st Kiss in Freefall

June 26, 2013
Authored by laura morris
What an amazing Wicked Wednesday we had! First of all, you can't beat $13 hop n pops, life just doesn't get any better than that! Stephanie and Jeremy H. (friends of Laura and Rob's) from Skydive Midwest, just got married and decided to stop by Skydive Danielson on their honeymoon. Die hard jumpers, Steph and Jeremy added a skydiving destination smack dab in the middle of their honeymoon. Their first jump as a married couple and Jeremy couldn't help but plant a big wet kiss on his new wife while in freefall! This picture ended up being featured in the magazine 'Parachutist'. After an awesome day of hop n pops a thunderstorm started to roll in. Jumpers actually didn't mind because it was almost time to get the BBQ and bonfire rolling! The thunderstorm was crazy looking; it was beautiful and sunny with a torrential downpour all at the same time. Jumpers manning the grill got caught outside in the rain and pretty soon everyone was soaked to the bone. Luckily, Steph and Jeremy brought some of their home made liquors to warm everyone up and the party began. Not only was that Steph's first married kiss in freefall, but it was also her 100th skydive! We took a few plates of wedding cake, snuck up behind the happy couple and pied them in the face! A skydiving tradition that has been around since the beginning, pies are always fun to see at the DZ!

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