New Tandem Skydive Video Packages at Skydive Danielson

September 23, 2017



What Kind of Media Packages Do We Offer? 

Here at Skydive Danielson we provide three awesome media packages. All three come with video and photos. All Media Packages are delivered to you the same day of your skydive via DropBox (cloud sharing via email). If you prefer to wait for your video to be edited on the spot you can purchase a USB for $10 and have all of your media ready to take home within an hour after you land.

Looking for your raw footage so that you can edit your video yourself? Request the USB for $10 and we can throw all that footage on there for you!

The different packages are: 


Extreme Hand-Cam Package

Extreme hand-cam is an up close and personal view of your  skydive. We like to call this one the "selfie view". While attached to your instructor, he or she will be wearing two GoPro's on their wrist. One for photos and one for videos. They will grab photos and video clips of you before, during and after your skydive. 

Pro Package

The Pro Package is our most popular media package! With this, you get both video and photos before, during and after your skydive. The difference between the Pro Package and the Extreme Hand Cam Package is that the camera is now on another experienced jumper who gets out of the plane with you and the instructor you are attached to, and you get more of an "outside" perspective rather than that "selfie view" from a GoPro on your instructors wrist. 

Ultimate Package

This is called the ultimate package for a reason! A total game changer when it comes to tandem skydive media packages. This package includes video and photos, before, during and after your skydive, capturing every moment of your experience! You not only get an Extreme Hand-Cam Package by the instructor you are attached to, but you also get a Pro Package from a separate instructor jumping alongside you. It's the best of both worlds!