Is There a Skydiving Season?

December 8, 2022

Yes, there is a skydiving season, especially here in New England where it gets quite nippy in the wintertime! The idea of skydiving through snowflakes might sound like a winter wonderland, but it definitely won’t make you feel very warm and fuzzy. 

When does skydiving season start? Our season runs from the beginning/middle of April to the end of October. (We can already hear Easter and Halloween jumps calling our names!) Let’s talk about why there’s a season and when it’s the best time to say “YES” to doing a full send from a perfectly good airplane. 

Why can’t you skydive 365 days a year? 

Safety. Just like any regulation or recommendation in the sport, the restriction on when we can jump is put in place to keep us safe. On average, the temperature drops about 3 to 5 degrees Fahrenheit (F) for every 1,000 feet of added altitude. This means that if it is 40 degrees on the ground, it will be approximately negative 2 to negative 10 degrees at 14,000 feet – yes, we typically jump from over 2.5 MILES in the sky. Mix these chilly temps with a wind speed of over 100 mph, no thank you! 

While there are measures we can take for cold temperatures, like extra layers, gloves, and face coverings, we can only do so much. Not being able to feel your body (especially your hands) while jumping can lead to some unwanted scenarios, and in this case, the risk is simply not worth the reward. 

The wintertime also brings gloomier weather in general, which is not conducive for skydiving. Unfortunately, we just can’t outsmart nature, making us say, “Negative ghostrider” to skydiving in polar temperatures. 

When is the best time to skydive? 

When the plane is in the air. But seriously, what times of the year can you skydive? If you’re not a last-minute Larry and planning your jump in advance is more your style, there are perks to jumping in spring, summer, and autumn, which are all ideal skydiving seasons. 


Spring Skydiving

Winter snow brings … spring flyers? Spring is a wonderful time to get your jump on! With all the frost melted away and the green leaves POPPING from 14,000 feet, spring skydiving is like a fresh start. The sunshine drags skydivers out of their dormant state and into the sky, but it isn’t nearly as rowdy as in summertime. If you’re looking for a bit of a slower pace for your first jump, springtime is perfect for you. Do keep in mind that it’ll still be a bit chilly, so a couple of layers are recommended. You can read about what you should wear skydiving here!


Summer Skydiving


Ahhh, sweet sweet summertime! We’re already dreaming about it. Summer brings the majority of blue skies and is famous for sunshine and big, white puffy clouds – gorgeous. It also has the longest days out of any other time of the year – June 21 is 2023’s longest day if you want to check summer skydiving on the longest day of the year off your bucket list! The busiest time for the dropzone is the summer. People have more time off, visitors come into town, and school’s out! Our summers can be muggy, but it isn’t anything that will keep us grounded. If you like warmer days and busy places (in a good and not overwhelming way), then summer skydiving is for you! 


Fall Skydiving


Our autumn skydivers are those who appreciate the leaves. If a scenic hike or Sunday drive is your ideal day, then try to imagine the fall foliage from the sky – breathtaking! While the arrival of the fall season means we lose the snowbirds and the activity level at the dropzone slightly decreases, the weather does tend to be more … wet. Can you skydive in the rain? No! Big no. Similar to skydiving in the snow, skydiving in the rain doesn’t only hurt, but it can be dangerous by creating slippery and low-visibility situations. Nonetheless, fall skydiving comes with some crisp and clear blue skies that contrast with the fiery oranges of the trees: spectacular. 


What is the best time of day to skydive? 

This is a tricky one. While we concur that any time during a jumpable day is fantastic, the early morning or sunset gets our vote. Early birds get the skydive, and we promise taking the leap will wake you up more than 10 espresso shots. Booking a skydive for the morning generally means that you’ll have the lowest wait times and the weather is more likely to be desirable. Seasoned jumpers like to jump on the first load because the winds are typically low which makes for some exciting and fun landings sliding across the morning dew – butter! Jumping at sunset speaks for itself, it’s simply stunning. Exiting a plane and soaring through the sky during golden hour is an escape like no other.  

Reach out to us during the on- or off-season – we are always here to help! Remember: gift certificates will 100% make you the coolest gift-giver at any event this holiday season. We can’t wait to see you in the spring!