How To Prepare For Your Skydive: Top 5 Tips

June 17, 2019

Top Five Tips On How To Prepare For Your Tandem Skydive

Nervous for your tandem skydive? Look no further. Here are five helpful tips to get you ready for your first skydive! 



Wear Comfortable Or Active Clothing: 

For your skydive we recommend you wear the most comfortable clothing you own. Now, we don't mean to go as far as PJ's but hey, there's always a first time for everything! We strongly advise you to wear clothing that you would have on when you go to the gym. Something that gives you comfort and stability. You're more than welcome to wear shorts, jeans, sweatpants, etc. It's completely up to you! We also have brand new jumpsuits that you can wear if you'd like, they look amazing in your media packages as well so don't forget to smile while looking so stylish!

There are some clothing items we do not recommend: hiking boots with hooks in the laces, short shorts for females (slide in landings can be rough on your legs), high heels, sandals and anything you would be sad about if you got grass stains on it!

Bring Your Identification: 

After filling out your digital waiver here during your check in process, you will be required to present your Government issued ID. This could be a state ID, drivers license, passport, etc. It will need to be government issued, showing your photo as well as your date of birth. This is required because we do need to make sure you are 18 or older to skydive. If you show up and do not have your ID, you will not be able to jump. Also, if you are planning on receiving a college or a military discount for your jump, we ask that you please have those ID's with you and ready to be presented to reception at that time. 

Be Prepared For Any Type Of Weather Delays

Skydiving is a completely weather dependent sport. There are days where we don't expect there to be any type of weather delays but then Mother Nature decides to switch things up on us in a matter of minutes and we could end up being on a delay for 6 hours or more! That is just how skydiving in New England is. Unfortunately, as much as we want to be able to control the weather and our ability to skydive in it, we just can't. What we can control is our decisions to only skydive in SAFE weather conditions. If we are on a weather hold it is because it is unsafe to skydive.

When you arrive on a weekday we ask you to be prepared to be here anywhere between 2-4 hours in total after your scheduled check in time and on a weekend day please be prepared to be here anywhere between 4-6 hours in total after you have checked in. This gives you free time in your schedule to prepare for any type of delays if necessary. We ask that you come here with an open mind regarding the weather because honestly, anything can happen! Check out our latest article on weather and why it's such a big deal! 

Eat A Meal Before Your Scheduled Check In Time

A lot of people wonder if they should eat like they normally would, or if they should starve themselves before their jump because they are worried about getting sick. Chances are, if you do not eat anything before your jump, you're more likely to feel sick! Often times, weather delays can leave people waiting for a few hours before getting to skydive. If you have not eaten anything yet for the day, by the time you skydive it may make you feel sick due to an empty stomach.

So please, eat how you normally would for breakfast or lunch before you arrive for your scheduled check in time. Don't deprive yourself of that delicious food and come here with a full belly and a huge smile! Get ready to have some fun! 

Bring Your Smile! 

This is the most important part of your tandem skydive, HAVING FUN!! We want you to be prepared for everything regarding weather or any type of delays, we want you to be aware of all safety precautions and rules when it comes to skydiving, but most of all we want you to have the best time. Bring your smile and wave to the camera, because you're going to be living your best life! 


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