How To Look Good In Skydiving Photos and Videos

September 12, 2022

Our #1 answer to get the best skydiving pics? Be yourself! Don’t worry, we’ll tell you our top tips and tricks to achieve the perfect skydiving face, but we promise that when skydiving pictures show your truest and happiest self (no matter how goofy your grin), they’re the best! 

Step 1: Choosing the Fit 

We recommend wearing something that you are comfortable in, because if you feel uncomfortable chances are high that you’ll look uncomfortable, which is definitely not the key to some sweet skydiving photos. Clothing on the more snug side of things, not bulky, and weather-appropriate (we assure you that the temperature will be the last thing on your mind as you’re literally flying) is ideal. 

Why can’t you wear something looser? It’ll flap around! We’ve all seen the photos of people’s faces flapping in the free-fall breeze, and faces are pretty tight, imagine what something baggy would look like!? Maybe it would fly up around your face and you wouldn’t even be able to see during the skydive you’ve been so excited for, and then your poor belly would then be flapping all around. Not awesome.

On a more serious note, clothing that flaps around too much creates the potential to become a snag hazard, or get in your instructor’s way and … ya know … they need to be able to see stuff and reach things to pull the parachute! Simply put, fitted, active, and comfortable clothing for the win. 


Should I wear a certain color?

Ah, good question. The color of your clothing isn’t as important as the fit of it, but we do love a good pop of color or a solid black or white! Anything too “earth-toney” encourages you to blend in with the background and we want you to be highlighted.



If you’ve got long tresses we suggest you tie your hair back. Buns, braids, ponytails, pigtails and knots are all good options, just make sure it’s secure! Not only will free-flowing hair leave some gnarly slap marks on your instructor’s face, it’ll be sooo knotted up and nearly impossible to detangle once you’re back on terra firma.


Step 2: Think About Skydiving Poses (or Don’t!)

Do you want to peace-sign or rock out to the camera? Write something on your hands (“hey mom!”)? Blow a kiss? Whatever you picture yourself doing, plan it out! Adrenaline will be surging through your body in the best way possible on the day of your jump, and it’s easy to forget in the moment and hype of it all! 

Plan your poses to be prepared and not miss out on the skydiving pics of your dreams. Or for you “in the moment-ers” feel free to just go with the flow and see what happens! We’re here for it and are sure you’ll still get some epic shots.


Step 3: SEND IT

You’ve prepared, you’re ready. The key to a good skydive is to have the mentality that everything could go totally opposite of your plan, and it will still be awesome. One of your braids came undone? Who cares! You ‘accidentally’ flipped off the camera instead of flashing a peace sign? No worries! 


The top two pieces of advice we’re about to give you are critical to achieving the best skydiving photos: 

1) SMILE. Cheese like you’ve never cheesed before! Let yourself feel the joy and freedom of the moment, and don’t even think about the camera, we can nearly assure you that you’ll naturally have the biggest smile ever on your face. An added plus of a big happy face is less flappy skin! With all of your muscles tightened to make you grin. 

2) Look UP! We know, staring at the ground is really fun … said no one ever! Look at the horizon straight ahead of you, focus on your videographer, or your instructor's camera, then you’re guaranteed some sick shots. 


Can you bring your own camera?

We encourage you to take pictures before and after your jump, but we can’t allow you to bring your own camera (GoPro’s and phones included) on your skydive. The United States Parachute Association (USPA) has a strict recommendation that people cannot use a camera during a skydive until they have at LEAST 200 skydives under their belt. Why? Safety, safety, safety! When someone has completed 200 successful jumps, they’ve proven they are aware in the sky and won’t be compromised by the distraction of having a camera. Don’t worry, we have an awesome team of videographers ready to capture the entire jump for you.

All you really need for some classic skydiving photos is your gorgeous self and a good attitude. Your first jump is one you’ll never forget, and we can’t wait to capture it for you! Be sure to tag us @skydivedanielson. Ready? Book now!