How Many Tandems Until My Solo?

May 13, 2017

How Many Tandems Before Solo?

So, are you thinking about getting your skydiving license? At Skydive Danielson we offer an AFF program for people pursuing their license to skydive! Our skydive school utilizes the most advanced forms of training to help you earn your license. Our instructors are certified through the USPA and hold an AFF rating which allows them to teach you how to skydive. You can train anywhere, but why not train with the best?

Our skydiving school consists of residents from Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Not all skydiving centers offer options for learning how to skydive; some locations only allow tandem skydives. We believe that the heart and soul of a skydiving center come from those who are there every day; they create the vibe of a dropzone. Skydive Danielson has an amazing vibe and it is all thanks to the staff, students and licensed skydivers that make up our wonderful skydiving center.

How many tandems before solo? Read on to find out how many tandem skydives you need to make before going on your first solo skydive.