How Long Does It Take To Skydive?

June 3, 2019

Your Tandem Skydive Timeline Explained

One of the most frequently asked questions from first time tandem skydivers is, "How long will my whole skydiving experience take"? Fret no more, we are here to explain the entire process for you! 

We ask you to set aside a good chunk of time for your skydive appointment at our facility. With Mother Nature being as unpredictable as ever in New England, we emphasize that you don't plan anything for at least a few hours after you expect to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. 

On weekends, plan to be here for about 4-6 hours in total and on weekdays plan for 2-4 hours. Skydiving is a completely weather dependent sport, so if we encounter any weather delays you will have that time already set aside to wait it out with us! 


Checking In For Your Tandem Skydive

When you book your skydiving reservation you are able to choose a ''Check In'' time. This is NOT the time that you are skydiving. 

Skydive Check In Process:

  • Fill out a waiver
  • Add on Video/Photo Packages
  • Pay for your skydive adventure
  • Watch Orientation Video
  • Safety Briefing from instructor

During the safety briefing from the instructor you will have time to ask any questions you may have about your skydive.

The check in process time varies, but often takes 30-45 minutes.

The Wait 

After you complete your check in process, it is time to wait for your skydive. How long you wait is completely dependent on if we have had any weather delays or other miscellaneous delays. In the world of skydiving many things can occur that could delay your skydive.

Random Skydiving Delays

  • Your instructor lands in a field off the airport
  • A parachute has a malfunction and we now have less equipment to sky with for the day
  • On our public airport, an airplane has a flat tire and shuts down the runway
  • Your instructor was vomited on by their last student and needs to change their clothes

Sometimes customers board a skydiving airplane within 30 minutes of getting out of their Orientation class. Other times, the wait can be several hours.  Please be prepared and respectful of our changing conditions and understand that we are working hard to have everyone skydive in a timely fashion.

Wait times vary- expect anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours.

Skydive Airplane Flight

Once you are harnessed up and ready for your skydive, we send you down to the airplane with your instructor. The plane ride takes about 20 minutes in total to reach altitude at 14,000 feet. Once you reach this altitude the instructors will do a final gear check and let you know that your time to skydive is approaching.

The airplane ride- 20 minutes


After you exit the airplane, your free fall time will be 60 seconds! Sixty incredible seconds of pure bliss and excitement. You're free falling at 120 mph and are YOLO'ing like no other. This is either the longest minute or the shortest minute of your life!

Freefall time - 60 seconds

Parachute Flight

After the parachute is deployed, you'll be able to take in the sights and be completely at ease. At this time you can now gather your thoughts and just enjoy an easy ride back down to Planet Earth! Your canopy ride will generally be anywhere between 5-7 minutes until you land. You can see Long Island Sound, Providence, Boston and more! We fly over an area of CT called The Last Green Valley and it is truly magnificent. This is truly an unforgettable adventure! 

Parachute flight- 5-7 minutes

Check Out

After you land, your instructor will help remove your harness. Please do not attempt to take your harness off by yourself. This is a life-saving device and should be handled by USPA certified professionals at all times. Don't forget to stop by the Check In counter after you land to sign your instructors logbook, pick up your tandem certificate and to book your next skydive. We love to chat with you and learn all about the amazing time you had on your skydive. 

Checking Out - 10-20 minutes