3 Hot Tips To Help You Breathe While Skydiving For The First Time

April 13, 2017

Breathing While Skydiving


Nervous about making your first tandem skydive? You are not alone! A common question first time skydivers have for us is, "Is it hard to breathe while skydiving?" Lucky for you, breathing on a skydive is not much harder than breathing on the ground. You will have a successful first skydive if you can remember these 3 hot tips:

1. Keep Your Chin Up

Keeping your chin up while you skydive will ensure that the 120 mph air will hit your neck and bottom of chin. If you look straight down and open your mouth to scream you will inhale 120 mph wind!

2. Eyes On The Horizon

A good tip to help you keep your chin up is to keep your eyes looking outward towards the horizon. This is where you see all the beauty of the ground below. Looking straight down limits your perspective during your tandem skydive and also increases your chance of having difficulty breathing.

3. Breathe In Through Your Nose

What is the trick to enjoying your first skydive? Remain calm, relax and enjoy the thrill. One easy way to achieve this is by breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth during your skydive. Once under an open parachute you will have no trouble breathing and can talk with ease to your skydive instructor.