Your Skydive Step-By-Step

Make a Reservation

We make it easy, you can book your tandem skydive online or call us at 860-774-5867. Simply place a $50 deposit per person. Your deposit is applied to your overall cost of your skydive. Deposits act as your plane ticket and hold your seat in our airplane.

Day of Your JumpTandem skydivers in front of Skydive Danielson

Your ''Check in Time'' is the time you picked when you booked your appointment. This is the time you arrive at our facility. You will fill out paperwork and attend an orientation class. Please set aside 2-4 hours on a weekday and 4-6 hours on a weekend to be at our facility AFTER checking in.

Get Ready to Skydive

You will be booked on an aircraft after completing paperwork and attending orientation class. When it is your turn to jump we will put a harness on you and introduce you to your instructor. Once everyone on your airplane is ready to go, you will board the airplane. We run up to 3 airplane flights per Check in Time depending on many factors - please set aside enough time for us.

Rising to the Occasion 

During your scenic ascent 2 miles above Planet Earth you can see all of New England's classic landscapes. Skydive Danielson is located in a breath taking part of the country called the Last Green Valley. There's also sights of the Long Island Sound, Boston, Hartford and Providence. 

Feel the Wind in Your Face

Tandem skydiver exiting the airplane

When we reach our destination altitude 2 miles high in the sky, our instructors will open the airplane door. Adrenaline, surrealism and craziness kick in as you look out the open door! Get ready because before you know it, you're skydiving! Keep your eyes open, smile and hold on!

Flying in the Sky

Skydive Danielson is all about the altitude. Enjoy the longest, most extreme skydive you can get in New England. Our airplanes fly as high as 14,000 ft which means you will free fall for 60 seconds! This is almost double the free fall you will find at most skydiving centers. At 5,000 ft your instructor will deploy the main parachute. You'll then be flying a parachute for about 5-7 minutes as you soar back down to Earth. Want to fly the parachute? Just ask your instructor! They'll hand you the steering reigns and let you go wild!

Mission Accomplished

Yell, scream, jump up and down, kiss the ground - do whatever it is you need to do to expel the excitement that you just experienced! Landing from your first skydive makes you feel like a warrior. Walk off the landing field with a new sense of accomplishment, nothing in life can stop you now! You will receive a certificate of achievement. Your purchased Media Package will be shared via ''the cloud'' or a USB. Bring your memories home with you!