Your First Time Skydiving - Step-By-Step

What To Expect For Your First Skydive

Skydiving for the first time is an adventure that's hard to beat. Are you ready to try new something new? Conquer a Fear? Celebrate with friends? There are more reasons to try skydiving than not to. It's time to experience this top ranked Bucket List item. Here's a step-by-step guide to tell you everything you need to know before skydiving for the first time.

1. Make A Reservation For A Tandem Skydive

Reservations are required to snag a seat in an airplane at Skydive Danielson. Our facility is very popular and we are booked to our max lift capacity most days. Simply place a deposit per person. Your deposit is applied towards your overall cost of your skydive. Deposits act as your plane ticket and hold your seat in our airplane.

We make it easy to book your skydiving appointment by offering two ways to reserve a skydive:

How To Book My Skydive Appointment

2. What To Expect On The Day Of My First SkydiveTandem skydivers in front of Skydive Danielson

Arrive at your ''Check in Time'' - this is the time you picked when you booked your appointment. After visiting our Check In Counter, you will:

  • Complete waiver
  • Sign up for Video & Photo Packages
  • Attend a 20 minute orientation class
  • Review safety protocol with staff, time for Q&A

Set aside enough time for your skydiving adventure - your estimated time spent at our facility factors in potential weather delays. Weather delays are always a possibility. While we do our best to accommodate customers, please be prepared to be flexible in regards to time spent at the facility as well as the potential for rescheduling appointments. If we are not skydiving due to weather it is because it is unsafe to do so - your safety is our first priority.

Time Spent at the Skydive Center

After checking in for your skydiving appointment, please set aside:

  • Plan to spend the day here!
  • Guests spend on average 3-5 hours at our facility, but allow for more time in case of weather delays.

3. The Tandem Skydiving Experience

Your skydive is broken down into three main parts - airplane ride, free fall and parachute ride. 

Airplane Ride 

When it is your turn to jump we will put a harness on you and introduce you to your instructor. Once everyone on your airplane is ready to go, you will board the plane together. Your guests will be able to watch as the airplane takes off and flies upwards to 14,000 ft. 

We have a large, turbine aircraft known as a Caravan 208. Enjoy the beautiful scenery as we fly over The Last Green Valley. See nearby cities such as Hartford, Providence and sometimes Boston!


Skydive Danielson is all about the altitude. Enjoy the longest, most extreme skydive you can get. Our airplanes fly as high as 14,000 ft. which means you will free fall for 60 seconds!  

When we reach our destination altitude 2 miles high in the sky our instructors will open the airplane door. Adrenaline, surrealism and craziness kick in as you look out the open door! Get ready because before you know it, you will be skydiving. Keep your eyes open, smile and hold on!

Parachute Ride 

At 5,000 ft. your instructor will deploy the main parachute. Your instructor and you will fly around under the main parachute for about 5-7 minutes as you soar back down to Earth. Want to fly the parachute? Just ask your instructor! They'll hand you the steering reigns and let you go wild!

4. Mission Accomplished

Yell, scream, jump up and down, kiss the ground - do whatever it is you need to do to expel the excitement that you just experienced! Landing from your first skydive makes you feel like a warrior. Walk off the landing field with a new sense of accomplishment, nothing in life can stop you now! You will receive a certificate of achievement.

How Will I Get My Video & Photos?

  • Video/Photo packages will be delivered via the Cloud
  • No need to wait after landing for your video to be edited! 
  • An email will be sent by the end of the day containing all of your media
  • Prefer a USB? Purchase a $10 USB and we can edit it on site - please allow for up to 1 hour for us to do so

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