Tips For a Successful Skydive

1. Weather can change your plansTandem skydiver in freefall

No one wants to have bad weather on the day of their skydive. Unfortunately bad weather is sometimes inevitable. Be flexible; you may have to reschedule or have delays on your skydive date. Go with the flow and have a Plan B just in case.

2. Stay hydrated and eat

Many of our customers tell us that they have not eaten anything all day. Having an empty stomach can be just as bad as having a full belly. While we don't recommend downing a chili cheese dog before the plunge, we recommend having a light lunch. Bring snacks! Weather delays can leave you here longer than expected. Hot day? Stay hydrated! The sensations of freefall and parachute flight can upset an empty stomach or dehydrated guest.

3. Dress for success

Start with a pair of gym shoes and you are off to a good start. Don't forget to wear clothes you won't mind getting grass stains on! Jumpsuits are available.

Good Choices:

  • 70 or higher - athletic apparel (moisture wicking shirts, yoga pants) knee length shorts, tshirts
  • 60-70 - long pants and wear layers on top to prepare for a range of temperatures
  • 60 or below - long pants/shirts and wear warm layers (long johns, Under Armour)


  • short shorts
  • tank tops
  • collared shirts
  • sandals/boots, jewelry

4. RelaxSkydiving in CT on a tandem skydive

Easier said than done, right? Upon arrival, our staff will help you feel comfortable and ready to skydive. Having 2nd thoughts? Just remember why you decided to try skydiving in the first place! Carpe diem!

5. Have a good time

A skydive is a huge event in your life and can be life altering. You are our guest, let us make your skydive day all about you. The Staff at Skydive Danielson are here to deliver an excellent time for you and your friends. So sit back, relax and enjoy your day. Skydiving is an amazing experience you won't soon forget. Life is all about having a good story to tell. Do the things in life that challenge you the most.