Gear Store

New Equipment 

Looking for custom designed equipment? Each year, Skydive Danielson helps many new skydivers with the daunting task of purchasing your first rig. The Gear Store at Skydive Danielson can help you with all of your gear purchases! For containers we work exclusively with Glides as one of the only authorized dealers in New England.

Need parachutes? AAD's? We can help you with all of your main canopy, reserve canopy and AAD purchases. Find pricing info located in the manifest office in our Gear Binder. A Gear Consultation can be set up by contacting Laura -

Pre-Owned Equipment

All of our rental equipment is available for purchase. If you are looking for a rig that is all ready to go, a pre-owned rig may be for you. Buying pre-owned equipment from a trusted and reputable source will ease your mind and make purchasing gear an easy process. Want to test jump it before purchase? Come test them out! Details and prices located in our Gear Binder in the manifest office.