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CT Skydiving Bonfire

Looking for a good time? Check out our Calendar of Events to find out what's happening at Skydive Danielson during the season. During special events at Skydive Danielson, camping is permitted. Interested in camping out another night? Please reach out to us at On any given night at Skydive Danielson you can find a BBQ, bonfire and a good time with other skydivers. 

All events can be found in our private group for skydivers at Danielson. If you plan to attend, please join the event on Facebook so that you can stay up to date with event information!

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Get your belly on! Belly skills camp.


This camp is designed to challenge participants and develop the necessary skills to participate in records and big ways. Join our organizers Hao and Eva for a fun filled weekend as we teach you the skills to help reach your goals! Starting with 6 ways and moving onto larger formations, participants will get to experience flying different slots and try new exits. Our goal is to make about 5 jumps per day with a goal of 15 jumps by the end of the weekend. Registration covers the cost of the videographers and includes detailed prep and debriefing for each jump. Sign up now because slots are limited!!

Fill out the form below to apply and confirm your slot for our camp! More information about pricing is available in the google form.

Andy Marcoux

Earning your coach rating can be a really fun way to take your skydiving to another level. You’ll learn more about your own skills while teaching others. You’ll learn how to be more methodical in your approach to skills and equipment, ultimately making you a safer, and better skydiver.

Once you’ve earned your USPA Coach Rating, you’ll be eligible to jump with unlicensed jumpers who’ve been cleared for self-supervised free fall. The USPA Coach Rating is the first step toward becoming a camera flier, Tandem Instructor, or AFF Instructor. Potentially, you could earn some of that jump money back on coach jumps, while letting someone else pay for your slot!

Course Requirements:

  • USPA B License
  • 100+ Jumps, verifiably logged & signed

Course Prerequisites:

  • Score 80% or better on the USPA Coach Course Exam 
  • Assist with 1 First Jump Course under a qualified Instructor

Course Costs:

  • Tuition: $350 ($100 deposit, $250 due upon course commencement)
  • Jumps: 2-4 jumps, including evaluator’s slot @ $30/slot 
  • Packjobs: $9/pj for your evaluator

Course Location: 

Danielson Airport FBO Classroom (at the end of Airport Rd)

Skydive Danielson

41 Airport Rd

Danielson, CT 06239

Course Schedule: 

6/7/24 - 6/9/24, 8am - 6pm

Other Important Notes:

  • Plan to stay local! Car or tent camping is welcome at Skydive Danielson
  • DZ Check-in, Waiver & Briefing must be completed on your own time (before eval jumps.)
  • If you’re new to Skydive Danielson, make some jumps here before your eval jumps. You’ll have more successful eval jumps if you do

Your Coach Examiner: Andy Marcoux

Jumps: 2500+

Coach: 2012 

AFF-I: 2015

Evaluator: 2016

S&TA: 2019

DZM: 2022

Coach Examiner: 2023

Andy has been skydiving since 2009, but his beginnings in the sport go far beyond that. Growing up as a DZ brat he spent summers on New England drop zones in the 70’s & 80’s, long before there were tandems & AAD’s.

Outside of skydiving, Andy has a lifetime of experience instructing students in equestrian sports. That experience gives Andy a unique insight into teaching both knowledge, and coordination. Not only will you earn your Coach Rating, you’ll learn how to teach!

Cloud Games is BACK!
Registration is $46 per person ($36 for AE or Rookie). This fee covers the judges, scoring system, and awards. We understand numerous competitors enjoy entering several events, however the goal is to complete the event in 2-3 days. We kindly ask competitors to pick their favorite event and focus on that.
Registration can be completed by using the link below. Most of the costs involved with the event are ‘hard costs’ therefore all registration funds are non-refundable. Please make sure you and your team are committed prior to signing up.
Scott Lazurus

Scott Lazarus will be back for canopy coaching of all skill levels.

Note from Scott:

Excited to have been invited to coach again at Danielson. This year the dates are the 21st and 22nd of June. I can help with anything from before B license to advanced swooping. Also enjoy working with people coming back to the sport... Looking very forward to seeing everyone. Cost this year is $200 for the course, that covers at least 5 jumps or as many as you can safety make in a day. Significant discount for 2 days. Special staff rates just like last year too. ??

email: to secure your slot!

Chicks America 4th of July boogie. More details to come.
Callan Lombardo
Shortest day of skydiving ever! More details to come.