Stay AwhileCT Skydiving Bonfire

Looking for a good time? Check out our Calendar of Events to find out what's happening at Skydive Danielson during the season. During special events at Skydive Danielson, camping is permitted. Interested in camping out another night? Please reach out to us at On any given night at Skydive Danielson you can find a BBQ, bonfire and a good time with other skydivers. 

All events can be found in our private group for skydivers at Danielson. If you plan to attend, please join the event on Facebook so that you can stay up to date with event information!


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Essential Skills Course Saturday 7/28/18

Advanced Course Sunday 7/29/18

Superior Flight Solutions proven techniques and canopy drills allow jumpers to completely understand exactly how their parachutes perform in every jumpable situation and condition.

The drills are designed to educate jumpers on safe canopy flight and teach them techniques that will give them the most valuable tool of all - confidence!

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Two of our favorite events are joining forces and bringing us SAUSAGE-PALOOZA!

 Saturday / Sunday - Load organizing with Andy and Sue.


Saturday night - Sausage & live music - Evan Goodrow Band

The real party starts at night, with legit sausages being served by our host, Mr. Baxter. The Evan Goodrow band will be bringing us some music to rock out to.

Last year the inflatable phalic statues in the landing area at the end of the slip n slide made for some really great sunset jumps. If anyone has any new ways of adding fun to this event please feel free to contribute and contact Laura/John. 

Bring: Potluck dish to share

Event updates can be found on the Facebook Event Page.