Licensed Skydiver Events 

CT Skydiving Bonfire

Looking for a good time? Check out our Calendar of Events to find out what's happening at Skydive Danielson during the season. During special events at Skydive Danielson, camping is permitted. Interested in camping out another night? Please reach out to us at On any given night at Skydive Danielson you can find a BBQ, bonfire and a good time with other skydivers. 

All events can be found in our private group for skydivers at Danielson. If you plan to attend, please join the event on Facebook so that you can stay up to date with event information!

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Open to B Licensed jumpers (you can sign up if you expect to earn your B-lic this spring.)
Registration link:
Please be sure to choose Skydive Danielson on the registration page.
Once registered, send your USPA# to

Our SIS 4th of July Boogie is back again! Stay tuned for more details.

Patrick Kessler will be hosting a canopy course for all levels at Skydive Danielson July 14-16.  Contact him to sign up: - (808) 286-8910. More details to come.