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Looking for a good time? Check out our Calendar of Events to find out what's happening at Skydive Danielson during the season. During special events at Skydive Danielson, camping is permitted. Interested in camping out another night? Please reach out to us at On any given night at Skydive Danielson you can find a BBQ, bonfire and a good time with other skydivers. 

All events can be found in our private group for skydivers at Danielson. If you plan to attend, please join the event on Facebook so that you can stay up to date with event information!


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Calling all non licensed skydiver's still on STUDENT STATUS!

Bring: logbook

This ground school is open to all skydive students looking to start their training back up in 2018. This ground school will cover all areas of the First Jump Course with comprehension test afterwards. After this class/test you will be ready to go on your first jump of the season. 

If you can not make this course, please contact the manifest office at 860-774-5867 to book a ground school. Ground school is $130 and can be booked any day at 9 AM. Before you skydive this season, a ground school must be attended unless you have made a skydive in the last 30 days.


Skydiver's in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island tend to not jump as much over the winter as we do over the summer. Our skydiving and safety skills are all a bit rusty coming into the Spring Season. Safety Day is a chance for us all to reconnect with what matters most in skydiving - safety.

Skydiving centers around the US all host an annual Safety Day. Join us at Skydive Danielson as we review important safety issues and get back to the basics in regards to gear checks and landing patterns. 

Pizza will be provided at the DZ. Stay for a snack and beer with friends!


The 2018 season will begin on Saturday, April 7th - doors open at 9 AM. Jump all day and party all night! Sunset Pot luck BBQ + bonfire (if we have the weather for it!). Come see all your friends and get current! FREE RECURRENCY JUMPS FOR LICENSED JUMPERS IN APRIL ( pay your slot + instructor slot = $54)! After April, recurrency jumps will revert back to $105.

Time to get back in the classroom! This is a fundamental entry level USPA Instructor rating. It will be the foundation that you will build upon while you obtain all of your other ratings. This course will give you the basic tools and understanding needed to instructor general skydiving concepts. This course also teaches coaches how to teach group freefall skills and teach new students how to build upon their newly developed skill sets.

3 Day Course - 8 AM each day

Cost: $225 plus jumps (minimum of 2 jumps - your slot plus instructor)

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Water Training 

The USPA requires that all licensed jumpers must attend a Water Training before obtaining their B license. Learn about water landing procedures and practice jumping in the pool with a parachute over your head. Bring a bathing suit and towel!

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The NE CReW Dogs will be organizing a 2 day camp for anyone looking to learn about Canopy Relative Work. Priority will be given to new pups (no CRW experience) but everyone is welcome to join. 

Tentative Schedule:

Friday 6/1/ - Safety Briefing

Saturday 6/2 - Circle up at 8:30 AM and full day of fun jumping

Sunday 6/3 - Circle up at 9 AM

Save the date! Registration will be limited so stay tuned for additional details.

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Chick's Freedom Boogie at Skydive Danielson!

Let's celebrate 2 of the best things in the world- 'Merica and Women!

Boogie Entrance Fee- 1 article of American Flag clothing

Camping is encouraged during this event.

Sat/Sun - load organizing with Audrey Dube

Saturday night - HAWAIAN LUAU at the DZ!

Tues - 4th of July potluck BBQ

Wed - Helicopter Jumps (prepurchase tickets here)

Discounted Skydives for Chicks!

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Essential Skills Course Saturday 7/7/18

Advanced Course Sunday 7/8/18

Superior Flight Solutions proven techniques and canopy drills allow jumpers to completely understand exactly how their parachutes perform in every jumpable situation and condition.

The drills are designed to educate jumpers on safe canopy flight and teach them techniques that will give them the most valuable tool of all - confidence!

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Two of our favorite events are joining forces and bringing us SAUSAGE-PALOOZA!

 Saturday / Sunday - Load organizing with Andy and Sue.


Saturday night - Sausage & live music - Evan Goodrow Band

The real party starts at night, with legit sausages being served by our host, Mr. Baxter. The Evan Goodrow band will be bringing us some music to rock out to.

Last year the inflatable phalic statues in the landing area at the end of the slip n slide made for some really great sunset jumps. If anyone has any new ways of adding fun to this event please feel free to contribute and contact Laura/John. 

Bring: Potluck dish to share

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