Do People Puke, Scream, Or Pee Their Pants When They Skydive?

October 20, 2020

It is completely normal to worry about these potentially embarrassing situations if you are planning to skydive for the first time. Puking, screaming, and involuntarily urinating are common fears for those who have never skydived before and do not have much knowledge about the sport.

Tandem skydivers in free fall above CT

 Luckily, at Skydive Danielson we have an amazing team of experienced tandem instructors and coaches who are fully prepared to handle any situation that arises. Our staff try their hardest to make your skydive as enjoyable as possible, especially in the event of embarrassment. Here are the facts about these situations and some tips on how to avoid experiencing them yourself.

Do People Throw Up When Skydiving?

Although getting sick from skydiving isn't common, it is a possibility. Fortunately, this issue is easy to prevent unless you are particularly prone to motion sickness. If motion sickness is something that you are susceptible to, pre-medication may be the best solution for you. If motion sickness is not an issue for you, however, then puking should be pretty easy to avoid.

Three simple tips to consider:

  • Avoid alcohol
  • Eat before you skydive
  • Stay hydrated

Only 2% of first-time skydivers get sick either during or after their skydive and a hangover is almost always the culprit. Hangovers, in particular, may lead to or intensify motion sickness. You can find more information about why alcohol and skydiving don't mix here.

 Tandem skydivers in free fall above CT

Skipping meals is a common mistake among first-time skydivers that often leads to vomiting. Although it may seem safer to skydive with an empty stomach, this actually increases the likelihood that you will puke. Be sure to eat a light meal before your big jump.

 And lastly, drink plenty of water. Vomiting occurs most often when it is hot outside. Make sure you stay hydrated, and try to find a shady spot to relax so you can stay out of the sun. 

If you are still worried about losing your stomach contents in the sky, you can read up more on how to avoid puking here

Do People Pee Their Pants When They Skydive?

Involuntary urination during skydiving is rare. The vast majority of tandem instructors will tell you that they have never experienced this issue with their students before. You will probably only have to worry about peeing your pants if you have a history of urinary incontinence or if you have a super overactive bladder.

 Landing after a tandem skydive in CT

Fortunately, most first-time skydivers are so pumped up with the adrenaline and overwhelmed by the excitement of their jump that they do not even notice any need to urinate. Their natural reaction is to hold it in and focus instead on the fact that they are about to jump out of an airplane.

It is perfectly normal to experience anxiety or fear while you're standing in front of the open door of a moving airplane, only seconds from tumbling out and freefalling in the sky. With that being said, fear and anxiety can cause you to tense your muscles. If you are especially tense while skydiving, it actually prevents you from being able to pee (or fart!).

For maximum comfort, however, be sure to take a quick bathroom break if necessary before you harness up and begin your journey to the sky.

Do People Scream When They Skydive?

Tandem skydivers in free fall above CT

Absolutely. Don't feel embarrassed if you accidentally let out a shriek while you're plummeting toward the ground. A common misconception about skydiving is that you cannot breath during free fall, so we actually encourage screaming to make breathing seem easier for you. The number one reason why people believe they cannot breathe during free fall is that they are holding their breath without realizing it. Screaming helps to force air out against the 120 mph winds and is something that you should definitely do if you feel the need. Release that tension and just let it out. So come on, you are skydiving. It's a truly unique and thrilling experience, so just do what feels natural.