Skydive Event - CRW Boogie

July 11, 2015
Authored by laura morris

Last weekend we put on our second annual CRW Boogie. For those of you reading this and have no idea what I'm talking about it's Canopy Relative Work, which sums up to a whole bunch of awesomeness. If you have ever googled 'skydiving' you're guaranteed to see at least 14 pictures on the first page of just CRW mostly because its one of the most beautiful things to see not only from the sky but from spectators down below, that is if it goes as planned. With it only being our second CRW Boogie it was a huge success! We had five great organizers teaching 13 "pups" who all got at least 5 jumps in each!! CRW isn't only a fun time as far as making formations; it's a great way to teach jumpers how to become more comfortable with the gear they are flying, as well as being comfortable with other jumpers next to them under canopy. The CRW Boogie was a huge hit not only with the CRW pups and dogs, the staff and other fun jumpers joined in on the fun as well. In the middle of our landing area there was a long stretched out piece of tarp, covered in water and soap... SLIP AND SLIDE! Jumpers had a blast trying to hit, most succeeding and sliding in for an awesome final to their skydive. Taylor Cole, the organizer of these CRW boogies listed off a few of his favorite moments. "The final jump was amazing; my stack built super-fast and was a spectator to the Norbi-awesomeness. Catching free bags and finding all the canopies followed by an epic windowless van ride was cool... but!!! The final 4 stack was my favorite. The 2 didn't have their 4 stacks (the only one out of the camp) and I promised Tessa, my daughter, I would show her how the slip n slide worked purposely being heavy and planning on docking 4th. When Sergio couldn't make base pin I came in and crashed #2 to force a pin when I was heavy. 3 came in with some help and Sergio was left to be #4 super-super light. He struggled as is expected and nailed it. I spun the stack and we almost wrapped because of the inverted weights. I nailed the slide in front of Tessa and hugged all on that jump. Insane and badass we got every single camp goer a 4-stack. Sergio was a champ!!!" Tim Ryder one of the CRW pups said his favorite was "The first time I grabbed a canopy end cell line as it was moving away, hanging on and sliding to the center lines for the dock!" Norbi was a little undecided to his favorite moment, "It's a toss up between when Curtis almost wrapped me when I was piloting the stack AND when I wrapped nick, got twisted up and had to cutaway. Great Moments!" There was also feedback like, "The collision with Norbi after I jacked up the rotation. Grabbing canopies and such is something we don't do so it was cool to do stuff out of the norm. Watching the double cutaway from our 4stack was cool too. Or all landing off together!" - Curtis. Sergio, one of the CRW dogs summed it all up with, "Seeing how excited everyone was after their first crew jumps and then relaxing that night in front of the fire" another year, another success! Congratulations guys!! 

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