Covid19 and Skydive Danielson

We are excited to take you on a skydiving adventure! We want you to be aware of a few things before you arrive.

  • Skydiving is a contact sport. Please understand that with all the precautions we have taken it is not possible for us to guarantee you that you won't be exposed to COVID-19. By participating in skydiving you accept the risk and assume all responsibility to the exposure and risk of contracting COVID-19.
  • Socially distancing is not possible when: harnessing, boarding/flying in aircraft, freefall and parachute flight. Face coverings will be required during this time.
  • Cleaning solutions, disinfectants, or sanitizers are prohibited on parachute systems. This to prevent damage and degradation to equipment. 
  • Since social distancing is not possible while we are in the airplane, we are not currently taking customers who are in the high risk category (older 70+ customers and customers with known health problems such as diabetes, heart disease and lung disease).


Upon arriving at Skydive Danielson, please park outside the fence.

  • At your ''Check In" time, please enter our facility and come directly to our check in window.
  • Face covering is required in order to enter our facility. Please bring your own and wear it when Checking In
  • Your group will have a temperature check 

Safety Protocol For Customers


  • Socially distance yourself in outdoor areas
  • Wear face covering when socially distancing is not possible
  • Your temperature will be taken upon arrival (If anyone in your group has a temp of 100 F or more will be sent away until healthy again)

Tandem Customers

  • We are unable to use shared goggles at this time 
  • We are selling goggles/neck buffs for a discounted price
  • Goggles - $12
  • Neck buff/gaiter - $5
  • Goggles/neck buff - $15
  • Neck buffs will be required upon harnessing up. Please bring your own or purchase one in our store
  •  Jumpsuits/shoe rental not available at this time. Please review clothing recommendations: Tips For A Succesful Skydive.
  • Tandem passengers can not wear full face helmet due to safety and compatibility issues with instructors


  • We are limiting the amount of observers per group at this time
  • Tandem customers can bring up to 2 observers per group
  • We LOVE our spectators and are excited to have you all back but it is not yet the time for that 

Aircraft Sanitization and Transmission Mitigation

  • All participants should be in a suitable covering such as a neck ''buff'' 
  • Skydive Danielson, with no guarantee of effectiveness, will be spraying the airplane interior with a broad spectrum disinfectant frequently

Facility Sanitation 

Skydive Danielson is mostly an outdoor facility. Customers can socially distance by sitting at picnic tables around the skydive center.

  • Facilities will be cleaned regularly paying careful protection of parachuting equipment from harmful chemicals
  • Portable bathrooms will be cleaned frequently and have hand sanitizer available
  • A hand washing station will be located next to our Gear Up area. Everyone will be asked to wash hands before skydiving

Parachute Equipment Safety

  • Per the Parachute Industry Association, the only safe option shall be a 3 day quarantine of any equipment known or suspected to be in contact with a positive case of Covid-19. 
  • PIA Covid-19 recommendations