Can You Skydive With Glasses Or Contact Lenses?

February 10, 2023

It is said that about 75% of adults use some sort of vision correction, with a projected 164 million American adults wearing glasses (according to The Vision Council). That is why “can you wear glasses while skydiving?” remains at the top of the charts for the most popular skydiving questions. With picturesque views of the Quinebaug River, other fantastic waterways, and State Parks near Skydive Danielson, you might be worried about missing the view if you don't have your spectacular specs. 


So, the research begins for your first time skydiving and what you should or should not wear for your first skydive. Looking for something more geared to glasses/contacts? Well, search no more, my friend – we’ve got all of the answers you’re looking for right here!

Tandem skydiving free fall over CT



First, we just want to say that we totally get why you may be apprehensive to wear your glasses while on your tandem skydive. I mean, you will be zooming at speeds around 120+ mph! We understand not wanting to lose your glasses – not only are they essential to your eyesight, but we bet those prescription lenses cost a pretty penny (especially if you rock the fancy designer glasses). Let’s discuss skydiving with glasses and contacts, and how we keep your glasses and eyes protected during your longer-than-usual freefall here at Skydive Danielson.




Yes, you absolutely can skydive with glasses and it is highly suggested to wear them if you need glasses to see – we wouldn’t want you to miss out on the amazing view you’re about to experience from 14,000 ft


While losing your glasses in freefall is rare, it does happen. So if you have to wear glasses to see, we recommend bringing an old pair if you have them, just in case they do get lost in freefall. This means you should bring a backup pair of glasses or contacts for after your skydive (in case you do lose them). Using sunglass straps or eyewear retainers can help keep your glasses extra secure. Most dropzones -- including Skydive Danielson -- provide special skydiving goggles to place over top of your prescription glasses to keep them snug and secure to your face.


We suggest wearing contact lenses instead of glasses, if possible! Which brings us to our next question…

Tandem skydiving free fall over CT



Yes, you can wear contacts while skydiving and we recommend contacts instead of glasses for your tandem skydiving eyewear mostly because you won’t risk losing your glasses during freefall. Believe us, once they are gone … they’re gone! Regular goggles will provide you with the protection that you need to keep your contacts from getting completely dislodged.

Tandem skydiving with glasses over CT



While student skydivers are still required to wear goggles for eye protection, experienced skydivers will have the option to wear a full-face helmet. The full-face helmet offers a bit of extra comfort and protection, not just for your eyes and glasses but for your whole face! That’s why full-face helmets are very desirable among experienced skydivers. Helmets are not permitted for tandem skydivers. Licensed skydivers also have the option to purchase prescription skydiving goggles if they get tired of wearing their regular glasses while skydiving.


Skydiving goggles are pretty essential, especially because we jump from a higher altitude of 14,000 ft at Skydive Danielson – this means your freefall will be 45 to 60 seconds long! Along with skydiving goggles, at Skydive Danielson, we also offer super-rad sunglasses to sport during your skydive. Not only do they help protect your eyes from the unobstructed glare of the sunshine, they also come in many spectacular colors which accentuate just how cool you’ll look in your skydiving video and photos!


Come see why we’re consistently voted as “Best Skydiving Center in the US” at Skydive Danielson and book your jump for the 2023 season beginning in April! Blue Skies!