Can I Skydive When I'm Sick?

August 2, 2017


Can I Do A Tandem Skydive If I'm Sick? 

It is recommended that you NOT do a tandem skydive if you are feeling under the weather. Especially when it comes to a cold or flu or even allergies. Skydiving from an airplane at 14,000 feet and free falling at 120 MPH can move the mucus into the inner ear and cause an infection. Sinus pressure can be quite painful in free fall and can take away some enjoyment from your skydiving experience. In extreme cases you could also risk perforating your eardrum. 

What If My Dr. Says, "Ok"? 

Our recommendation is that you consult with your doctor if you are questioning jumping out of a perfectly good airplane with any type of cold/flu symptoms. If your Doctor approves, we approve! After all, we are experts in skydiving and not able to offer any medical advice. Check in with your Dr., especially in regards to sinus problems. 

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